Introduce yourself.... and your car :D


Tbh, ive been to that many now I really only go for the piss up and social… If i see any cars other than the ones on our stand, then bonus :joy:


Thought it was Clumber, I helped pull a cossie off the bridge when it span out and got wedged, back in the late 80’s when the RAC rally ran a special stage there.
I’m from Nottingham btw and head out to Newark a lot to see my family so if I see you I’ll give you a wave. I’m normally in a black mk 1


Hello I’m Jack :grinning:
I have my self a 206 nothing special with being a new driver but I have big plans for her! (then hopefully an mx5 when I can insure one)
Anyway nice to meet you all :hugs:


Hi Jack! Did @brg_jay tell you about the Sheffield MX5 Meets held every friday? Just cus you dont own one doesnt mean you cant go along and perv on them all :wink:


He did yes :grinning: and I will have to come up and join you one week.


Evening all!

My name’s Laurie, some will know me, some will not. I lurk on the Facebook page a fair bit and I’ve been showing my face at CP meets for a good year now! I spend most of my time pointing my camera at your cars if that rings any bells.

I’ve been driving a one litre road eater of a Yaris for the past year but now it’s MX5 time. I pick up my MK1 on Tuesday and I’ve never been so excited in my life.

Peace x


Hi peeps!
Decided I should intro myself on here, considering I’ve been on here nearly a year! Put that down to laziness, busyness and that good stuff.
Anyway was at JAE last year, so some will know me from there. Also went to Superpeaks on the 26th.
I currently own a sliver 2007 Mazda Roadster RS (jdm mx5) named Natsumi.

Atm I’m trying to figure out a way to elegantly make an EBV/ECV for more noise when I want it, and less when other people don’t.
Music is life, live it loud!


Check!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy:


hey all im lokki, from bolsover, chesterfield, just bought my first ever mx5, its a jasper conran mk2 knacker, needs alot of work, gonna be asking for advice and stuff, got big plans for it, anyway just saying hi and thanks to who it was i saw this morning at markham vale services and gutted you lost a splitter, great looking car though


Welcome @Lokki! Chesterfield isn’t too far out from me, I’m just south in Belper.
What are the plans for the motor, you’re in the right place if you’re going to be looking for help :smiley:


Afternoon all,

Slightly overdue introduction, I’ve been posting in the Japfest thread a bit - looking forward to it!

I’m Andrew, here’s my 1990 Eunos Roadster:

I’ve had it since October last year but it’s starting to take shape now with the new wheels, also got some seats and a decat pipe to fit, a roll bar on order and harnesses are next on the list… :slight_smile:

Haven’t driven it since November :’( so really looking forward to taking it out this weekend for a blast. Hope the weather holds up.

Here’s my build thread over on MX5nutz:


hi jay, well its having several electrical issues including an old alarm system causing havoc, thats coming out this weekend, cutting out problem, poss coolant temp sensor, electric windows have there own ideas, also needs a lot of body repairs, new bootlid and poss driver door, full satin black paint job, lowering and new brakes, then next month rims, looking at XXR 537 16x8 et20, sound system is shite too lol, got a busy few weekends coming up


here my current shed


Gettign busy in here :smiley: welcome one and all :smiley: now get on some of the events :S lots going on this year… and if you wanna help out on the organisation then shout up :smiley:


Hi All! I got my first 5 a couple of weeks ago and love it! It’s a mk2.5 and since it hasn’t got much guts in the 1.6 I’m hoping to play with the looks for now!

I’m from Farnborough, but also spend most my weekends around Surrey/London and hope to see a fair few of you at events this year!


Hey @Lokki :slight_smile: glad you found the forum, it was handy I had that card lol :slight_smile: cant wait to see what you do with it, need any parts let me know, Im at AutoSupplies :wink: plenty of breakers in the community too. Just shout up!


Hi All. Got my 5 a few weeks back, actually a couple of months back, but haven’t really been out much since then.

Nice day on Thursday, would have been rude not to go out. Almost completely stock at the moment, but I can see that changing over the coming months.


Hi guys, my name is Jorge (same as George :grin:) and I’m driving a '93 Eunos 1.6 S-Special.
I am working as a car mechanic and strip/fitter. I have a true passion for cars and a big enthusiast of classics!
My other car is a '73 Datsun Sunny B110 and I love that little beast :smiling_imp:

Looking forward to meet you and all your projects!


Y’know this is a ‘none 5 specific’ kinda place don’t you???

Get some pics of the Datsun up for goodness sake!!!



I wanna see Datsun pics