Introduce yourself.... and your car :D


I’m Chris! I’m from Newcastle and drive a MK1 drive way turbo conversion!


Damn smurfs :smirk::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Welcome to the forum, bout time!! :wink: see you at Japfest!! :smile::smile:


Hi my name is Tim, I live in Merstham in Surrey and have a few cars and motorbikes. This is one


Hello all, New to the forum and found you’s through Facebook. I’m Craig from Sheffield and I’ve got a small collection of Mercs going that keep me busy with the odd landie on the side.

I’ll be going to the meet this Sunday so i’ll see some of you there i’m sure !


Awesome! Hopefully youll stand out on Sunday :wink:


Did someone say Mercedes? :grinning:
Hello fellow Merc man!!! :grin:


Heeeeeeeey ! That’s awesome, don’t see many W123’s on the track. I really want a 280TE rolling on pentas with an AMG kit. that’d be the ultimate retro daily for me :heart_eyes_cat:


Correction, you don’t see any W123’s on track, I don’t think anyone else is nuts enough to try and turn 1 into a track car. :joy:

Here’s a bit of info on it, the second part will posted in the near future when I get the pictures sorted…


Oooooo more mercs :slight_smile: @Clive_Bussey has got one of them cosworth mercs


I like 190 Cosworths :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


I may be wrong… But Im sure it may be for sale… Proper PIMP :star::sunglasses:


That’s what I heard…


Hi I’m Joe
…and I like MX5s. :hugs:
I also like other things like
(In no particular order)
Burgers, steaks, chips, beer, girls, loud music, cars, bikes, trucks, petrol, driving, snowboarding and many other things :grin:

On the other hand I don’t care for
fashion, physical exercise, diesel, xfactor, anything inside M25, public transport and many many many other things :hear_no_evil:

I’m really bad at using forums and posting pictures so please exuse my incompetence.
Once I’ll figure it out I’ll post some pics of my cars (mostly mx5s)

(if you can see the pics I’m very proud of my sefl :joy: )

So I’ll see you around :cowboy_hat_face:


Hi there, is that clumber park bridge in the picture?


Welcome Joe! Where are you from? Down south Im guessing :smirk: is that first pic from the National Rally?


Hi yes it’s Clumber park :ok_hand:


#blanked :broken_heart::joy::joy:


Hi Clare
Yes it is from Donington 2016 rally.

:joy: Sorry Not blanking you out. It’s just me being usless with forums :hear_no_evil:

And I’m in Newark :nerd_face:


No, its too late. Heart. Broken. :joy: haha :slight_smile: I thought I recognised the view! If youre newark way im guessing youve been to JAE! Shame its moved back to Peterborough this year… Will you be attending? :smirk::smile:


Breaking hearts from day 1 :joy: #Rebel :joy:

JAE? No I didn’t go, can’t remember why. Think I been away.
Will I attend the next one?
God knows. I’ll probably make my mind up the night before the show.
I want to go to Japfest to Silverstone.

Yeah I don’t go to too many shows tbh. I’m lazy :innocent: