Introduce yourself.... and your car :D


@linkheroz That was probably the one my daughter kept asking everybody to show her around the cars! She’d only have been 4 then lol


Hello everybody :wave:
My name is Lee, from a small town called Skelmersdale in the North West. Hoping to get out to some proper events this year, starting with Japfest! :grin:

Here’s a picture of the daily 5

And here’s a picture of me with the project 5

Looking forward to meeting a lot of fellow enthusiasts :smile:


Such an incredible colour! :heart_eyes: welcome to the forum!!


Thank you. :slight_smile:


be great to see you and your MX on stand… get your self on the featured car vote for the stands… you gotta be in for a good chance for “TOPPUNK” , oh, and get in on a team too :slight_smile:

Same for @hugo and @Jay_Moss too :smiley: (and probably a whole lot more… but I would have to scroll up… and I is tired lols )


Hey all! I’m Seb, I’m a film production student from Bournemouth.
Currently dailying my second MX5 - which I have yet again, gone far too OTT with modifying! That seems to be my style… This year coming up will be my 2nd with Combustion Punks, I hope I can become a bigger presence on the forums and generally more useful to the CP lot over the near future! :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’ll get on it :smile: I didn’t realise CP was an actual forum, I remember seeing the bankruptcy arches being made but that was a couple of years ago I think, then I seen the Japfest post on Nutz and checked it out ha
I’m to book our Japfest tickets in the next couple of weeks and looking to book the club stand tickets :smile:


Im Toni and this is the Green Machine (Ya can thank Phil for the colour)


Hi Toni


Hi Toni!! I love it so much, kit colour and all!! Can’t wait to see it in person, think you’ll bring it to some of the Jap shows with us this year? :smiley:


Thanx itndoes stand out alittle now and im Definitely bringing it to every show i can for sure i cant wait


maybe one for recruitment :wink: @TEAMRPG


Hello! Just joined the forum and hopefully be joining you guys at a few events this year.
Some of you may know me/the car already, but I’ll do an introduction here anyway :slight_smile:
This is my daily/track/show Eunos Roadster S-Special (read - Money Pit!). I bought it standard and very rusty just over two years ago. It’s come a long way and there’s very little standard on it any more! It’s also supercharged :smiley:
How she used to look and a mid progress shot from about a year ago

Interior shot




Am I replying in the right place? Ah crap I’ve given myself a rubbish username


Lmfao… VOTE!! What should we rename Jules? :joy:


My little motor!

Clare made me do it

I’m Oliver, live in East Yorkshire, my daily usually fluctuates between scabby MK2 1.8IS models when they can be picked up cheap as they make such good dailies and work well for autotests which currently is the only motorsport I have time for but plans are afoot to get my life back to be able to get back in to more sprinting/hill climbing too. And a mk1 Eunos which I’m a bit too precious about but when it does get thrown around it’s a lot of fun as it’s an ex touge car from Japan.

I used to restore classic cars after doing a variety of jobs while working through college and Uni from pizza delivery driver to pubs, then I went in to the motor trade and made a good living but hated it, worked for myself for 5 years had a blast but the economy went down the pan so I did the sensible thing and got a day job, hopefully now coming to the end of that period of my life and am starting to do more work on cars again, it’s never really ended anyway I’ve retained a workshop the whole time I’ve been doing the sensible thing and I’m currently working out of what is little more than a barn but has a ramp and lots of space, space heaters definitely worth while at this time of year!

I work on allsorts from classic MGs to Porsches which have always been in my life, had a few awesome cars over the years including owning a lovely 964 model 911 and original lotus elan sprint, sadly could never afford to buy them back now! Obviously a fair bit of work is MX5s, especially rust repairs, lets be honest they love to rust! I’m currently working on a MK1 Merlot, MK2.5 SVT and doing some work for a friend on a classic Porsche 914 rectifying bodges from a so called restorer in the area. Soon starting on a 924 and classic S type Jag.

Just bought a little cottage in a village near Driffield, have a silly dog (beagle) called Bruce that we rescued from a not very nice home and an awesome girlfriend called Sarah who supports me through the good times and bad.

So thats me!


That’s two former touge 5’s on the forum now! @hoodedreeper has one too!!!
I love a car with some history! Do you know much of its life in Japan?


Sadly as is typical of imports very little. It’s been an interesting car though and been a delight to rescue as there is genuinely no rust on it at all, even the underneath is clean.

It’s had a huge amount spent on it at some point in its life and was built from a bare shell, once I work all the import niggles out it will be a seriously special car.


Well, welcome to CombustionPunks, make yourself at home, have a look around, and shout up if you get lost :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I’ll look forward to learning more about your car at some point.