Introduce yourself.... and your car :D


So this is me…

complete with my chocolate hello kitty that Hayley bought me for easter :smiley:

And this is my car…

I Live in Notts nope… update… I now live in Sheffield again :smiley:
I work in Sheffield as a computer network engineer / technical manager

so who are you?

Post up some Pics and we’ll get them added to the facebook page members album too :smiley:

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Say hello and introduce yourself!
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Say hello and introduce yourself!
Big hello from me

Hello! My name is Matt and I have a Eunos Roaster :slight_smile: few external mods and a welded diff. Nothing much at the moment but I have a drift day booked on 10th December :smile:

I live in Nottingham and work in Argos.


Yew. Sketchy checkin in. Resident flip flop wearing, carrot crunching drifter…

…and this is the #Sketchmobile

Insta:- @SketchyDrift


So i’m james, i have many cars, a boring derv barge, an old Beetle, 2 Fc Rx7’s and an mx5.

I live In west sussex and i maintain,tune and build high power toyota supra’s and r35 gtr’s.


My name is Karl, I drive a Nissan Elgrand 3.2 TD RWD and live in Hartlepool (for my sins).

I can’t post pics :confused:

EDIT: Yes I CAN :smiley:

Here’s my ride :slight_smile:


Uploading pics is getting mentioned abit in pm, so I’ll add it to the FAQ.
New members cannot upload pics, but can link to ones already hosted like on photobuvket or facebook :slight_smile: just chuck in the URL :slight_smile:


I’m James, I drive an MX5. I like turtles.


YO! I’m James / Wotto (Take your pick)
I’m Ginger… (this seems important… apparently)

and I drive a Colt.


So my name is Simon I live in Barnsley and i work for Wavin UK on the outskirts of Sheffield, we make clay underground drainage systems, this is my car its a 1.8 S-Special Eunos.Sorry there are no photo’s of me as they are too scary


My name is James. or Corders. Or Captain. Or if you’re using Autocorrect, Corsets.

I need to spam some more before i can post pictures, but if it works here I am doing a skid

it is a pleasure to be here. for me. not necessarily for you guys


awwww… the donut diff that didn’t kill kittens :smiley:


I’m Jimmy
Can’t post pictures so you’ll have to imagine,
There’s a sleek, sexy, slender 1.9 turbo diesel skoda… She takes care of daily duties and picking up shit I don’t really need!

The proper car, a rather ratty looking Pitcrew mx5, fully stripped out and being in he process of become the worlds first v6 twin turbo mx5.

And there’s also a donor mx6 sitting on my drive too, but that should be gone by the end of the week to the big scrap heap in the sky…


So the fabz

The beast

And the donor

And now…


Im rich. That is all… I have a mx5 in bits :frowning: a toyota celica gt4 project for restoration and now an mr2 again!
Live in the lovely cotswolds, miles from most of you.

Will post pics when I can, i havent read the info and shizzle, plus I havent used my pc for ages.


Hi I’m Spanky, Nathan.
I had to sell my nice spec mx5 due to pressure from the wife to get a family car.
Currently I’m driving an e30 touring. This will soon be gone as I’m feed up wasting time and money just keeping the thing on the road.
I’ve decided to get a Lexus is200 next just for something problem free and still playfull untill I can get enough cash to import something sweet and retro from my homeland NZ.
Cant do pics as I’m still a novice.

My mazda in its glory.
Current e30


Welcome fella. Got a massive soft spot for E30s - and 36s - especially tourings, get a picture up!


Hey @Spanky :slight_smile: nice to see ya :slight_smile: boosted your account :slight_smile: should be able to post pics now :smiley:



I are Ninjin.
I is Carrot.
I has girlfriend called Clare.
I is orange.
Combustionpunks sucks.

Arigato to Sayonara


I’m simon (barefoot) and now i’ve mastered logging on, i’ll be around most days to help out :blush:

As for my car, some claim to have seen it,

others say it’s a myth

All we know is,

It’s never been to an event :joy:


Hi all.

My name is Niko and I I’m a mod aholic :grinning: and I drive a Nissan 350z