International Rescue Badge

Name - International Rescue Badge

To be awarded for rescuing a stranded punk Scott Tracy style! Punk could be stranded through breakdown, or because car in bits & not have right tool. It would be for 'punks to nominate other 'punks as a show of gratitude and respect for their efforts and or maaad skills!

To promote comeradery and community spirit within Combustionpunks, encourage helpfulness and care towards other punks, and to provide a super awesome way in which gratitude and respect can be shown publicly.

  • Top idea! Sketchy man why u so awesome?
  • Go home Sketchy u drunk.

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could allow it to be awarded multiple times, and have different colours, like awarded ten 10, bronze angel, 20 Silver angel etc…

The tricky thing about this one is how to moderate it,

Best I’ve come up with so far is:-
people can only award X number of Angel / International rescue badges per year.

The rescued person posts up the story of daring do, along with a poll to see if people think it is of worthy awesomeness
Thread stays open for a while, votes etc, then closed, if poll says “yes” then badge is awarded.

I think this has some good points… we get some good stories coming up on the forum. The badges are kinda socially agreed upon, and there won’t be 1001 badges getting awarded all the time for people popping in with a pint of milk or similar.

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Agreed. That’s kind of the icing on the idea I gues!

I really want to vote “go home sketchy you drunk” just because it sounds so awesome

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My mate les at Castle combe needs one for rescuing my puma after the throttle stuck on…
Previous owner had routed it under the engine mounts!!!

Coughnobackdatingcough :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha ha! I did sit and write a post stating that last night but it ended up reading quite snotty so I didn’t post it!



Hastags don’t work @Reechard, just looks like you’re shouting!
…and I’m sure it’s stated somewhere that badges can’t be backdated, can’t remember where though.
It does however state in the link below the point of these threads and nowhere does it say that they’re for begging and argueing!!!


Damn I really wanted that begging bowl badge too!

so this is gonna be a thing, I’ve added it to the “coming Soon” pile :slight_smile:
just need to work out the whole awarding it thing now… a suggestion from the epic save badge…
so really for this one, and others that would be looking for community approval we kinda need to decide on some easyish way of determining what passes the grade and what doesn’t, cant really say at “X” yes’s it gets through, cos as the forum grows X number of votes will get easier and easier to achieve.

spose we could run on percentage of yes to no over X number of votes and increase how many votes total need to be made on the thread ie, while we are small say 90% yes over 10 votes gets through, when we’ve grown a bit, 90% over 20 votes etc etc. (numbers for purpose of explaination rather than suggestion of actual numbers to be used. I guess we need to do similar with these badge suggestion threads really…