Sketchurai should be on there @JDM_Clare



New to the forum but have been on Instagram for a while @davefabuk


Hi Dave welcome to the forum :smiley: Have given you a follow from the Punks IG page now, and on my own too, those manifolds are beast :open_mouth: :heart_eyes:


'Cus I’m greedy, I’ve got a few Instagram accounts

My personal one- @tom_taylor (general life shtuff…)

Top Down Media- @topdownmedia (car gubbins- message me for a shoot!)

Sheffield MX5- @Sheffieldmx5s (things related to the Sheffield MX5 group)


Cause I’m not greedy like @Miljoenen I’ve only got one @samgroombridge


I’m fairly new to the forum and my insta is mainly filled with my old 350z pics, but hopefully I’ll start playing with my 5 soon :grin:



I’m on as @dougalitious always follow back so see what you think :slight_smile:






Bump bump Bump! (And a bit of grind if it takes ye fancy!)

My username has changed so many times!
I’m still a JDM sweetheart :wink: but the new user name is @the.garage.girl and there are a tonne of new pics up to go with!


Erik69mx. All abit new to it but getting there slowly


As usual, i spend more time browsing than actually posting!


And a new little venture im kind of working on!!