How to Make Images Larger in your Blog

So, Ive just been asked how to make images larger in your blog post… there are two ways to do this, baring in mind the original size of your Image…

First choice, if you already have images in your post and want to make them BIGGER…

  • Click your existing image…
  • A row of small icons will appear above the image like this…

    -Click the pencil icon
  • a Pop up will appear like this

-Select Size, (Ive now clicked full size of my original image, your dimensions may differ…)
-Then click UPDATE

Second option, if you’re inserting an image from your gallery…

-Top left of your post, click ADD MEDIA

-This pop up will open

-Select or upload your image

-Then insert into post…



Thanks @JDM_Clare, looks like more points for @TEAMAwesome!!! :joy:

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My blog now has bigger pictures!!! :grinning:

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