Help needed getting Trigger’s Broom started


Right so I have put the vvt into the mk1. I have wired the cas live and neutrals to the cam and crank sensor along with the signal wires respectively. TPS and idle control have been wired up and I am using mk2 fuel injection rail that was on the car!
I have wired the vvt coils from the mk1 coils. I have checked for continuity and everything seems ok but it has no spark and won’t fire.
Am I right in thinking that the mk2.5 vvt will run of a mk1 ecu or will I need to swap the ecu for a stand alone one???


Always go standalone :wink: but yeah is this your first vvt block in triggers broom?? If so I believe the whole loom needs changing and the ecu (worth googling sure I’ve seen nutz posts about what “package” you need to swap a non-vvt car to a vvt car



It was that thread that I got lost in and thought it could be done with the standard ecu!!! I am now purchasing an ME221 which should sort it :smiley::smiley::smiley:


ME221 purchased!!


Good man


Just need help setting it all up when it arrives


This is where my car gets its name from ( for those that don’t know here’s a little video


Got it running just needs a good set up and some tuition on me 221 software


@Lokki @TrikeLife94 @Frankenfive have had me221 I think, they may be able to help :slight_smile: all my experience is ms3 and then only to the point of getting base map on


I’m happy to help pal


What’s best to do bring it over to you or visa versa??


I’m also looking to get an afr but unsure which to get


Aem brahhh, have you downloaded a basemap from ME themselves


If you get the broom here I’m happy to set up everything you need buddy


Used their Oem base map for VVT runs okay but takes a few cranks to fire and doesn’t settle well on idle ( cuts out if you don’t catch the revs right) but pulls okay and revs freely.


Yeah sounds about right will need some fettling on timing and ignition tables probably :slight_smile: need to make sure your timing on the engine is synced with the timing on the ecu or it’ll throw everything out by however many degrees out they are :slight_smile:


I take it to get it synced you put a timing gun on the engine then alter the ecu to suit?


Exactly that matey time it up with the gun and then change the ecu figure


Next question what should a vvt be timed to on standard idle. (Vvt not as yet connected but will be)