Help needed getting Trigger’s Broom started


Right so I have put the vvt into the mk1. I have wired the cas live and neutrals to the cam and crank sensor along with the signal wires respectively. TPS and idle control have been wired up and I am using mk2 fuel injection rail that was on the car!
I have wired the vvt coils from the mk1 coils. I have checked for continuity and everything seems ok but it has no spark and won’t fire.
Am I right in thinking that the mk2.5 vvt will run of a mk1 ecu or will I need to swap the ecu for a stand alone one???


Always go standalone :wink: but yeah is this your first vvt block in triggers broom?? If so I believe the whole loom needs changing and the ecu (worth googling sure I’ve seen nutz posts about what “package” you need to swap a non-vvt car to a vvt car



It was that thread that I got lost in and thought it could be done with the standard ecu!!! I am now purchasing an ME221 which should sort it :smiley::smiley::smiley:


ME221 purchased!!


Good man


Just need help setting it all up when it arrives


This is where my car gets its name from ( for those that don’t here a little