Help me spec my muzic stuffs.... perlease <3

So there is progress on the project car… and anyday now the shell may be ready to get sprayed and dropped off the spit---- getting kinda excited

Anyway , thats all beside the point… more kinda an intro into the question…

Im starting to spec up stuff to fill the car with, and seeing as one of the first things I;; be doing is making a whole new loom from scratch, I kinda figured it would be good to know what to be wiring up!

which leads me to an area I dont really know much about … stereos…(for anyone not aware… most of my cars never even have a head unit in them, let alone anything more sophisticated…)

so… what do I want? well music in the car for once , thats a starting point yeah?

Then Im guessing some kinda speaker/s for the doors
And some to put on the rear shelf…
Either a head unit to run them off, or some sorta amp and a way of getting music into it (like if I was using phone as music source, a bluetooth receiver)
possibly a sub.

so what cool stuff is around? should I go for a tablet install?
how big should I be looking at for the speakers?
Should I go for a mini amp in the boot
and just BT my phone for music source?

I have a few ideas / possible bits. And I am working around trying to keep the interior minimal, (the car isnt even getting a dash, just the dashbar)

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I use a small receiving head unit by Sony. Very compact and compatible with Android or IOS I’ve found it pretty good and it’s half the size of the old traditional head units!!

been looking at a few “short” single DIN head units, kenwood seem to do a few too
Which Sony you got matey?

DSX-A410BT is the model number

I got swayed by shiney shiney… Risked ordering an Android head unit…not sure if it’s going to be any good, think it may need an external amp.

It’s really shallow fit, so hopefully that will help.

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And maybe I’ve ordered an amp now…

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So you’ve gone double din??

kinda… it doesnt actually fit into the din slot, too wide, it mounts in front… but its shallow so Im thinking I could do mounting things wherever… although i;ll prob lount it in usual place, but the saved space behing could be usefull

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It turned up today… I put it on a jinda test bench… of I wrapped the power leads to a spare battery and bodged some speakers onto it… but I’m impressed so far, esp for the money.

There should be an amp appearing on Wednesday… what amp I dunno cos I think it was mislisted… so could be a bit of a surprise…

It is really shallow / thin for hopefully can be doing a decent wiring job on it and keep things tucked away

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Suppose you could run the dash from there as well with it being android??

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Gonna have to do some testing on that, but hopefully be able to display some pertinent information at least.

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