Help me name my cars!

Hey :slight_smile:
As you may ( or may not ) know, I have a long history of naming my cars… Something that I haven’t done on my last couple due to writer’s block…

Anyway… With the recent resurgence in project cars and a need to get my blog kick started I need to do some naming… But I’m hitting the same mental block and best i have managed so far is a few repeats…

So previously I have had… ( With reasons for their names) some of these are a bit geeky looking back…
MK2 Jetta TX in black… “Romy Belinda” (named by previous owner an exgirlfriends mam who I bought it off)
MK1 golf in mars red… “Eevee” … ( Cos she was so damn cute and Pokémon were all the rage at the time…)
MK2 golf GTi in tornado red… “Rhiannon”… ( My Dad told me one time that he would love a granddaughter with this name… I figured that this might be the closest I could supply…)
MK2 golf GTi in atlas grey… “Aeryn” … ( Cos of farscape )
MK2 CRX in red… “Kiera”… ( Yeah I had just watched pirates of the Carribbean and I didn’t want to call her Elizabeth )
Caddy pickup in raven blue…" Lizzie"… (Wanted to call her Kayley cos of Firefly but my mate @Dubboy had just bagsied the name for his golf cabriolet, Dunno why but the name stuck after our mate Heather said she looked like a Lizzie… At least I hope she said Lizzie)
RX7 FC in red … “Sikozu” (after Sikozu from peacekeeper wars)
My much beloved first MX5 “Kara” ( Kara “Starbuck” Thrace from Battlestar )
MK 1 MX5 Turbo in sunburst yellow “Bankruptcy” ( she was actually called “Jodie - Project Bankruptcy” … After titan maximum character… But “Bankruptcy” stuck more)
Nissan Elgrand in silver… Kinda… “Eddie” the only male car I have ever had… And just cos “Eddie the Elgrand” kinda stuck
MK2 Mx5 in red … Never has actually got a name beyond " the MK2" and thus starts my mental blockage on names… Strange cos I do love her very much…

So the projects are:-

  1. Short term project another MK1 turbo based off a new shell and parts from Bankruptcy and the MK2… And may end up with a 3UZ eventually after the other project is finished. thinking of painting it Black… Currently I’m swaying towards calling her “Kara” again… Name of my first MK1 MX5 and hopefully this one will be kept as my last MK1 MX5 so kinda feels like a nice cycle… Apart from since naming the first one the Battlestar series ended and Starbuck was told “You are the Harbinger of Death, Kara Thrace. You will lead them all to their End” especially after this was after a kind of rebirth of the Character… I maybe being a wuss, and the quote isn’t a literal prophesy one for anyone but still, kinda haunting… Or another Aeryn… Cos Black
  2. Long term project B2000 pickup with MX5 subframes and either a 1UZ or 3UZ V8 engine… Either Aeryn if the MK1 doesn’t bagsie the name or Kayley (Firefly)… Or Moya (Farscape)…

They are most definitely female… And I do have a penchant for naming after characters from Scifi or Fantasy series… And I will have to watch the series before I name them lol.
Other currently considered names are
Carrie/Anna (Banshee) might fit for the MK1
Hera ( battlestar Galactica the first human/cylon hybrid) might work for the pickup
Caprica (Battlestar again… Yeah I really liked that series)
Vanessa (Deadpool / Copycat with other nice tiein that Morena baccarin was also in Firefly) may work for the pickup…

Does anyone have any other suggestions? Or am I just being REALLY sad here… (Very likely) but if you have read all of that above and followed it then you are probably almost as sad :stuck_out_tongue:

Fair play to you buddy. It’s way better than refering to your car as ‘the slag’ or ‘the turd’…

…how about ‘Trillian’?

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how about Sam?

cause I am F**king amazing! :joy: :grin: :smile:

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Shameful I know… But I never got into hitchhiker’s series, liked the book tho

You are. … But no lol

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hahahaha worth a shot

judging by the state of the underneath you should call it ‘patch’ :sob::sob:

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Hahaha yeah those patches on the front tubs should have been ground and painted about 2 years ago when the engine bay smoothing was done… it will be treated to all the goodness it deserves real soon :smiley: