Hello everyone, I'm back, what have I missed?


Hello everyone,

I’ve not been on here in ages, I need to get back into my forum groove.
I’m spending way to much time on Faceache.

Hope everyone has a great Christmas and Happy new year.

Cheers Frank.


Yayyyyyy franks back!!

You need to get back on the v8 mx5 hype tooo!! Sounded so good your plan!

Have a great Christmas and new year looking forward to your track days next year


Thanks mate!!!

Unfortunately, I think the MX5 V8 project is going to be abandoned before it starts.
To be honest, I’ve barely got enough time to do maintenance on the Mercedes, let alone start another project. :cry:

Hope you all have a great Christmas and a cracking New year!! :grinning:


Hey Frank :smiley: missed you matey.

Sorry to hear you are not getting time to do the V8 project :frowning:
I’m still collecting bits for mine, but an engine donor is here now :smiley:


It’s a shame, but I’ve got to prioritise my projects.

I’ve got a pretty straight 1.8 Eunos that might up for sale soon…


Sell it matt frank!!! He needs one!!