Happy 2019 Fellow Punks x


Hi everyone, and welcome to 2019 :smiley:

I hope everyone has had an awesome festive season and is all raring to go for 2019!!!
Hopefully we have a bunch of exciting stuff going on, from the “what did you do to your car today” thread it looks like there are gonna be some awesome cars on show this year.

Its time to get cracking on show organisation… A good plaece to start would be byt shouting up which ones you think we should have stands at this year, @Pip and @hoodedreeper have put together a good collection on this thread

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As we were discussing here we are going to add a paid for section to the forum where we will list shows earlier, any discounts that we can negotiate, Ability to blog on main website in a personal blog, Discount on Punks Merch in the shop, “supporters” badge on the froum and associated sticker
Exclusive Punks Supporter sticker

We will be working hard this year to expand the stuff that we do, so please shout up with any suggestions of events, shows ,merch, trackdays, drift days, that you would like us to go to, and any other ideas that you have :smiley:

2018 was good… but 2019 can be EPIC !!! lets go for it xxxx