Guys! A bit of help with selling a car please!


So I have put the Celica up for sale * Sad face * as it’s been SORN and untouched for quite a while now, I’d prefer to put the time and money I have into the MX5 and I could really do with a cool little hatchback or estate to fit the dog into!

I listed it last night and since then I have had a call from a Bulgarian guy after he chain rang me this morning until I answered. He said he would like to buy the car for his friend in Bulgaria and wants to pick it up whilst he is over here working in London to take it back with him.

He asked about coming tomorrow morning to have a look and leave £1000 deposit whilst he sorts out transport and exportation for the car. Personally, to me the whole “buying for a friend” thing and “exporting” bit sounds a bit too much like all the car sales scams you hear about…

My worry is:
Even if he turns up and leaves £1000, it could be fake notes?

If I give him the address of where the car is for him to look, what’s to stop him coming with ‘transport’ anyway and just taking it away whilst it’s uninsured on my driveway

Any other export related scam stuff

What do you guys think? Would you go along with it or run a mile?


play safe. if it sounds a bit fishy, don’t go for it - i made a mistake a few years ago selling a car to someone who was ringing alarm bells in my head and sure enough it went to shit

if you have any doubts at all, dont take the risk IMO


I’m with corders. Go with your but, no matter how much you want a quick sale. I’d avoid

Have you put a listing up in the car boot sale of the forum? Can put an advert up in there. May well be a good place to share it from too. A forum link shows you’re coming from a network of support and a reliable, traceable seller. :slight_smile:


Hahaha. *Gut. Im not even gonna edit that post. :joy:




I think you’re right guys, I’m going to listen to my but and fob him off somehow…

Clare’s got her sales-spiel hat on! :yum: Not a bad idea though, never thought about that!

Thanks guys! :smiley: