Forging 1.6 engine

Looking into forging my 1.6 engine since I’ve pulled it out and fully stripped it now anyway, any helpful advice would be appreciated in terms of what parts to buy brand wise and how to do it haha :joy:


I’ve got some notes I made when I was tempted to do my 1.8 a few years ago, I’ll search them out. Until then, @Pip and @Clive_Bussey store loadsa info in their heads…


That would be very useful! Just trying to weigh up the cost atm, can’t decide whether to forge mine to future proof the power later on, or whether the rebuild it as stock and then later on engine swap (reason I’m bit against engine swap is I want it to be a mazda heart)

A Mazda heart?

You mean like this?..

That right there is a 2.5l Mazda KLV6 engine, that comes in mx6’s, is part forged as stock and will see you in the region of 200bhp when fitted with Triumph bike carbs as pictured above. Even better is that the complete conversion is lighter than the 1.6 4 pot it replaces.

‘Crapengineering’ will sell you pretty much everything you need to do the swap.

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What can it run up too bhp wise?

No idea. You’d need to talk to Claire at Crap Engineering about stuff like that.

@JimmyP was/is in the process of twin turboing one, he was aiming for 350ish hp iirc.
I do however remember Claire chuckling at 350 saying “more like 500!!!”

I’ve had a quick Google and the answers are all out there it seems - I just can’t seem to read any of them at present as for some reason my phone is wanting me to view everything in Taptalk!!!

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