FOR SALE Textured Finish AKA Wrinkle Rocker Covers


I do :slight_smile: I have a few cool covers to refinish soon for a couple of special builds :smirk: but with the limited set up I have at home atm, it is only wrinkle finish orders. Do you have something in mind? :blush:


Yeah I was gonna say โ€œMAKE ME A CUP OF TEA QUICK QUICK???โ€




Oooooh You!!! Wait till JAE!!


There are awesome. Just sayinโ€™
They are a perfect way to make the rest of your bay look shameful.


Amazing shot Rich!! Thank you :grin:


Freshly refinished
Chemically stripped
Exposed Cam Gear cut.

If youโ€™re uncertain, check out this blogโ€ฆ

Hard wearing high temp wrinkle black, cut cam face and bare metal letters. Please look closely at the pics, line on the exposed area is from cast, not runs.

Collection preferred. Postage extra Cam covers produced to order. Please PM for more details.

Sheffield S25
Or Pre pay and collect at Japfest, Donington, 30th June.




More in stock to strip, paint, polish or powdercoat. Drop me a PM.