Fancy Dress Theme and Inspiration Thread


@Ricky_Ricardo that’s cool as!! Big respect :smiley:
I’ve just found two cool AF feathers on evening walks with pupper… do I need to find him an outfit too? :joy:


Strap a gun and goggles on him!


Shouldn’t that be doggles ?



a little touching up needed but almost done with these.


I see your pew pew and raise you retro style…

There’s also these… but I think they’re too heavy… and require a licence :joy: ##onlyinbirmingham


Haha yes I did consider the air rifle route but it’s only fun if you have pellets with you which bring up a bunch of other problems :sweat_smile:


Bin doing bits tonight , sky remote and circular saw butchered for laser and battery comp lol , need a jacket then add cigs etc to that.


. Few bits to finish this!


Well… my extra steampunkery bits haven’t arrived yet… they only have three more days then it will be too late :disappointed_relieved: so I have an outfit… not many accessories… anyone have any ideas?


I’ve got same problem. No solution.


Ignore the gauntlet itself, but the rest is all made from scrap bits.

Dig out those old foot pumps, and grease guns, some old belts or dog collars, and buy some bronze paint :slight_smile:


Cardboard, duct tape, some faux leather, super glue, and an old bag strap.


What bits u waiting for? I’m gonna bring spare paint n stuff so can always do a sketchy n make it there


Hahaha!! I bought some little stick on trinket bits, arm warmers to customize. But they’ve not arrived!


Got a few little gears n bits going spare too


And brown leather


Thank you Stu:) I’m super looking forward to it… fancy dress is right after the food eating comp… my question to myself now is… . Do I go to the food eating in fancy dress and risk getting my outfit messy? :joy::joy:


@Bambi_Meg… Did you say you had some face paint? Do you think you’d be able to help me do something like this if you do? :smile::heart_eyes:


Why not just get a rattle can and donut that way! :joy: