Fancy Dress Theme and Inspiration Thread


So we wanna make this the best year we’ve had at JAE yeah? so lets make those costumes AWESOME :smiley:

As always we will be entering the JAE wide Fancy dress competition :slight_smile: (last year we did very well)
We will also be having our own competition :smiley: you know to help with that Teams thing we got going on.
So everyone who does the fancy dress thing, (which will be everyone yeah? ) will get a JAE Fancydress IKO badge thingy and points and top 3 Costumes will get moar points… and shiney badges… and trophies… you know … for being AWESOME.

As I bet you know already, this years theme has been decided… and then modified slightly

#Steampunk vs Combustionpunk
Bring Big Guns!!! 'Punk Civil War!!

some inspiration photso… polease keep adding them in guys!

JAE Japanese Auto Extravaganza Aug 31st - Sept 3rd 2017
JAE Japanese Auto Extravaganza Aug 31st - Sept 3rd 2017



Ok… so @Jaqs has borrowed me a few frilly bits :heart_eyes: this is what I have so far… Dress up is FUN! :smirk::thinking::smiley::rofl:

I have a few ideas mod wise for making it more combustion-ey… there are a few cam gears and random bits kicking around I’ll be using to accessorize… a robotic arm/ gauntlet would be cool as!!

Will see what I have time for… a little under 8 weeks to go!! I know @Bambi_Meg has some ideas of her own in the making :thinking::smirk:


And if you’re gonna be buying little bits off eBay… now would be the time.


Look what I got a full set of laser tag guns and sentry from my son :blush::blush:


Things I have so far…

Small jewellery accessories
Frilly AF long skirt and peticoat
Pewny gun
Some tiny cogs and gears on order to stick on shizzle…

Things I need…

Moar guns…
A cool arm piece/ gauntlet
Face paints and stencils for stuff like this…

Moar guns…

Check this out!!
Doubt I’ll have time to make anything quite so cool but inspirational non the less…


So far I has a biiiiig Nerf gun and some motocross armour… need MOAR guns. MOAR Nerf Darts and lots of spray paint and cardboard … Cardboard is plentiful at work tho :smiley:


Anyone in South Yorkshire/ Derby area needing some real life inspiration or accessories… there’s a Steam Punk Festival on in Retford this Saturday… am personally working till 2 but am aiming to get down late afternoon…


I think all I have left to actually buy are some aquarium piping, and probably some bronze paint because what I have will no way go far enough, I think I need more faux leather as well…

Then I just have to finish putting it all together!


Am still waiting on a few bits from China :joy: then I’ll need to glue it all together and make some stencils for face paint… I’d kinda really like some gloves or a gauntlet too… main reason for going to the festival this Saturday! I needs gloves!!


Needs more cogs, and I’ve got a footpump I need to cannibalise to go with it.


@Isomx That’s supercool!!!

I’ve got my corset, skirt, hair piece and loads of little cogs.

I’ve bought a bolero thing that I will be modifying and cutting up/adding things to to tonight :smiling_imp:




It’s going to take longer than anticipated :roll_eyes:

BUT I will be working on it all weekend while @corders is spending a month working nights at Waterloo, away in his own little hotel room and everything.


Took a few snaps for inspiration at a local steampunk festival! how convenient :smirk::roll_eyes:


A few items I have at the mo along with my laser tag guns , I’ve even taken the laser out of my circular saw lol to go in one goggle :grin:


I have NOTHING! I really need to pull my finger out and do mine and Daves outfits…;/


That steampunk festival looks like Bioshock came to life!


An evenings work got me a couple bits almost complete