Extra Bulbs/Rear Cluster

Is it going to be an issue to splice my rear light wiring and run an extra bulb on each circuit?

3rd time of asking so hopefully I might finally get an answer.

depends how you wire them… wire them in series and they will be dimmer, but no issues with drawing more current as the overall resistance is higher.
Wire them in parallel and you effectively halve the resistance, which means double the current through the wiring , but bulbs should be full brightness…
I think it should work, in parallel, IIRC that is how trailer boards wire in. but I’d keep an eye on it for a bit.

Other way of doing it is switch to LED bulbs in parallel and introduce a resister in line to adjust to correct overall resistance. which might work better?

Which circuit are you planning to run extra bulbs on? Tail, Fog, Reverse, indicator or brake?

All of them. It’ll be bulbs for a trailer. The idea was to bolt on MX5 rear clusters and just ring some longer wires over to them.

yeah, looks like they just wire in in parallel with your current lights, so you tap the connector into the current wire run…

Excellent, Mx5 towing trailer with MX5 lights it is then :slight_smile:

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