Epic Save Badge

Name: Epic Save.

Criteria: Almost crash/spin/take-out-that-cone, but at the last minute stick a dab of op-lock on and bring it under control. Gold would require some uber-epic control, such as spinning, but exiting in the right direction, giving it some beans and carrying on like you’d planned it all along. Let’s face, it we’ve all done it on the Playstation, and they give you a star for that!

Aims: recognize and reward true driving talent (or blind luck)

  • yes! of course we should, we’re all driving heroes!
  • no! witchcraft doesn’t exist, and shouldn’t be encouraged.

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Proof has to be video right?

That would do. I’d also accept a first-hand account from the passenger. Skid marks (on the track, or on the seat) would probably suffice.

@linkheroz I feel like you’ve already won this hands down for the 360 save

You mean this?


That would do. Nicely done. A video from outside would probably have looked more impressive.

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Unfortunately all my friends are driving so didn’t get one! @Yetidragon where’s my badge? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hasn’t been voted for yet! Although I imagine it will be!
The rules for badge idea submission state the poll needs to be open for a ‘period of time’ although quite how long who knows!!!
Clarification please @Yetidragon AKA Boss!

could be a hard one to regulate… as in the Jackanory Badge, we would have to be pretty harsh as a community in the voting to make sure that it worked and wasn’t just a “joke badge” where people just post any kinda close shave and get voted in.

so really for this one, and others that would be looking for community approval we kinda need to decide on some easyish way of determining what passes the grade and what doesn’t, cant really say at “X” yes’s it gets through, cos as the forum grows X number of votes will get easier and easier to achieve.

spose we could run on percentage of yes to no over X number of votes and increase how many votes total need to be made on the thread ie, while we are small say 90% yes over 10 votes gets through, when we’ve grown a bit, 90% over 20 votes etc etc. (numbers for purpose of explaination rather than suggestion of actual numbers to be used. I guess we need to do similar with these badge suggestion threads really…