Eddie the Elgrand for sale

Such a sad day… but I have no space, no money and to much stuff hanging around in The Wrecktory so its time for Eddie to get advertised - I worked out the other day that he is the vehicle I havce owned the longest - ever- and I have owned him twice now

3,2 Turbo Deisel with 97K on the clock, Hes an import so majority of this was read in Kilometers rather than miles.
Was MOT at end of August for JAE, so 10 months on the ticket

Dutiful load lugger, Eddie has been to many of the shows over the last 5 years as the support vehicle. He is reliable, and ever so versatile, but a bit grubby and tatty, tailgate is different colour, primer on a rear quarter, some minor rust showin in places , smells faintly of BBQ from having the punks BBQ in him for the last month or so. Towbar fitted with electrics - with loads of torque and the auto box he makes a great tow vehicle, towed the b2000 on a dual axle trailer without breaking a sweat.

Pricing wise I really don’t know at the moment, cheapest I have seen one sell at (although I havn’t been paying much attention) was a 3 litre one with no rear seats for £1k, average appears to be around the £2k mark - try me :smiley: will be taking pictures and posting him on Ebay this week, but thought I would mention him on here first.