Early Bird / Eager Beaver Badge - First at Event


So, after hosting yet another awesome Peaks Meet today, I’ve thought up my first suggested badge… Thought it would be an awesome idea to get to the venue early (by an hour, to make sure no one got there before me!) to set up a time-lapse video… the start time was 11am, and although they weren’t massively early, some folk showed up just before… Which got me thinking… Do we have a badge for those that arrive really early to events, like before the recommended start time? No, I don’t think we do!

So… Early Bird or, Eager Beaver not sure what to call it, feel free to state your preference in the comments below!
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  • Hell yeah, make it happens!!
  • Errr, no, that sounds pointless…

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It’s a no from me.
Having organised massive stands over on Nutz back long, I couldn’t think of anything worse than encouraging folks to turn up before you’re ready for them!
How about a Hanger-on or last man standing badge instead?


I hadnt thought about it as an encouragement… Kinda like the sleeping at a show badge, not really encouraged either, but it happens! More of an “oooops look what I did” kinda badge, and with the new scoring system, doesnt mean points will be given, can retract/ negative points too!

But I totes respect what youre saying Sketchy-san… Cus the whole time I was there this morning, trying to lay out the treasure hunt stickers and get change for the fussy parking meter and stick up the flag without random public thinking ‘wth is she doing?!..’ I was crazy anxious people were going to arrive before I had figured out how to Work @Yetidragon’s gopro :see_no_evil::joy: deffo dont want to encourage early birds, but we dont wanna encourage people breaking down in convoy either… And theres a badge for that! :sweat_smile:

Love the Last man standing badge, those guys are quite often really helpful, get yourself a suggested badge thread up, Ill throw that one a vote! :muscle: