Drones..... they seem like a lotta fun and some great videos from them!


Got the embedded video to play.

Also, I want one :smile:

Im saving :slight_smile: gonna take a while though
will be amazing if I can get one for next years push on events and stuff :smiley:

Some places don’t allow them though. Japfest 2 didn’t but I think that could just be because of the flight path.

yeah could be. There were loads at JAE :smiley:

The brother in law has a drone, a phantom, that he runs a gopro3 on. I’ve been badgering him lots and he’ll be coming along to my next drift day to get some footage.

Excellent :smiley: I’ll save faster lol

@Miljoenen this is now your job Mr :smiley:
as an aside… I really want a DJ inspire, don’t think I’ve got the budget for one tho lol

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Although… the word job implies some sort of payment… :joy:

dammit… ok “Task” lol