Do we have any Software developers / Coders in the house?


Bit of a strange question for a car forum… but one that is very pertinent to us at the moment…

So why am I asking? errr… cos we we want a super awesome plug in making for the forum and I don’t currently have the skills! (And I am a bit short of learning time at the moment)

So what are we looking to achieve? well you know the Punks Team Competition we are wanting to make it even more awesome… and in the long run reduce the amount of administration time it will take to run. We have got some awesome ideas, but currently lack the experience to do it all in-house… anyone out there wanna weigh in?


Send me some details and I’ll take a look. If it’s Java (or any other language invented by the devil himself) then I tend to stay away from it. If it’s something that I know, then I ought to be able to do something reasonably quickly.


I think its ruby on rails matey :smiley: and javascript

heres a little more about it…


What OS/platform are we running discourse under? What’s the database that stores the data?

Is there a dev system?