Do imported MX5s need a cat to pass an MOT?

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I’ve got a K-reg MX5 which I thought meant '92 but according to the V5 the car’s a '93. I’m wondering if anyone knows the rules regarding the cat in a MOT? If I were to remove it, could I argue it should still pass the next MOT due to it being an import of this age?

What’s everyone else running and has it ever been an issue for you?

@Bear might know…
Iirc imports can get away without the :cat2:

Mine is a '93 import, decat, and passes MOT everytime without a :cat2:

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Do the garage ever bring up the lack of a cat? I.e. do you ever have to fight it because I cba to do that every year lol

If you have an imported 5 (Japanese import), up to 1995 is non-cat test, there are no exceptions.

For UK cars it is '92 cut-off, however following the MOT tester’s emissions flowchart it leads you to a section that states the car’s VIN must match a list of VINs for the emissions testing data, however Eunos Roadsters have no match, and if that is the case (which it always is for Eunos Roadsters) then by default the car must be put through a non-cat test. Emission limits on this are far higher, and physical presence of a cat is not required.

If the tester has an issue with this, quite simply they are wrong. Report them to the DVSA who will advise them that your vehicle does not need to be cat tested.


Amazing! Just found the flowchart that you mentioned on the VOSA website by chance but your comment confirms it. Thank you very much for your advice. The :cat2: will be coming off tonight!

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Cheers all, case closed :smile:


No worries man, hope it all got sorted ok.

Do a bwarp noise.

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