Dashcams recommendations?

Soooooo… Dashcams… seem to be a good idea… I last had one many moons ago, and I’m sure that the technology has moved forward a lot since then.
Does anyone on here have one? recommendations? pointers ? or are they pretty much all the same?
I remember my old one used to loop recording on to the SD card, and if it sensed a crash would auto protect something like 5mins before and a few mins after the event.
I guess they should all have auto record start up with car?

I’ve just fitted an RAC 107 into Lu’s E36. Field of view is pretty wide,quality on the back screen looks good but haven’t checked it on the PC yet.

Most support upto 32Gb and will loop record like you say

Hear a lot of good things about the mobius - very good for its lowish price

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I have a RoadHawk Bullet R+ mounted on the roll cage in my MX5, hardwired so that it comes on when I turn the key. It was pretty expensive, and I am sure you can get something just as good much cheaper, but it’s been really good so far. If you happen to be at the Sheffield MX5 pub run tonight I can show you the setup. I will even have my laptop with me which has some footage I kept from the Nurburgring.

i’m late to the party as usual!

I too am looking at dash cams, actually what I was looking at doing was having a hidden camera at the front and rear wired into some sort of a recorder, I’m struggling to find anything along these lines, I can find in car DVR recorders but they are more like in-car security cameras which are good but not the same as dashcams which have features like motion detection for when stationary, etc. so I’m looking for something that’s more of a permanent fixture.

Has anyone seen or installed anything like this?

Have a look at www.techmoan.com for plenty of dash cam reviews