Darren "Daz" Ryan - please read and respect


It was with great sadness that I was contacted by Caroline some time past midnight Saturday. Caroline messaged me to let me know of the passing of her husband Darren.

For everyone who does not know the history of 'Punks, Daz was a large influence on our little forum.

You see Daz was the main driving force and administrator of the MX5Nutz forum. He laboured long and hard, both on the technical side of running a forum, and with the inevitable social challanges it raises.

It would often be tribute in itself to say that while under the guiding hand of Darren, MX5Nutz was what many forums aspire to be. It was friendly, welcoming, and chock full of great technical knowledge. It was a place where people logged on to spend their spare time, chat to their friends and talk about every aspect of MX5 life, the atmosphere and comraderie at that time was palpable.

Over time, as people left MX5 ownership and continued to want to show with MX5Nutz I started combustionpunks V1.0 as a “legitimate” way to keep us all on one show stand, running the 2 in parallel on the same plot at shows. A move that may have led many community leaders to balk and stamp their feet. Daz was very supportive of 'Punks, recognising that there was digital space for us all. Many of the members here are also long standing members on the MX5Nutz forum.

I have spent many hours over the last few days talking to friends that I gained through MX5Nutz. one thing that we all agree on is that without MX5Nutz, our lives would be very different, the activities that we have done, and the longstanding friendships forged. there are even a few of us that met our life partners through that forum (@painterdave and @Emily, @Isomx and @maisiemk1 ) I believe that many are still counting up the full affect of Daz and his actions in their lives

I for one believe my life would be a much poorer circumstance if it wasn’t for the forum that Daz run, and the My Car family that grew out of it. This is, in many ways is a celebration of my friends, and a recognition of how I came to meet so very many of you.

I think @Isomx covered it well with one of his posts on facebook. I hope that he doesn’t mind me lifting his words:-

Many many years ago a man threw a tiny pebble in a lake. It was just a tiny pebble, and it was a very big lake, but an ever growing circular ripple grew from that pebble spreading further and wider, and as other people saw this ripple, they all turned to see where it had came from and in looking they for the first time saw each other.

At first all they did was look, but now they had seen each other, it wasn’t long before they communicated, and as they communicated they grew to know each other, soon it wasn’t long before they started making an effort to traverse the distances between them to meet, travelling in directions they never realised they’d have a reason to travel in, and in meeting they realised they enjoyed each others company, and in travelling they realised they’d ended up in places they never imagined. Before long these complete strangers that were previously unaware of each others existence were no longer strangers, and the destination of their lives had changed entirely.

Today I found out the man who threw that first pebble, passed away on Wednesday, and as I look back on my life the last few years, I realise just how significant a man I’d never met in person, and that tiny pebble was.

For my part, I was lucky enough to have met Daz, and talk to him at meets, as well as on the forum.
Thank you Daz… you will not be soon forgotten, and the echos of your influence will continue for many years to come.


The man created a place people didn’t even know they needed at the time, and it became the most important place in the UK for anything MX-5. Never met him but the amount of stuff I’ve read that he has posted on there has helped me a ton, as well as so many others.

Nutz forum has had a trickle down effect on every other 5 group and platform since, even if people new to it don’t realise. I’ve met some absolute legends through there, and places like this.

But it all started there for me in 2013, and I loved the community so much I just couldn’t ever sell up and get something else. I think Daz is responsible for the way the 5 community took shape, and the impact it’s had and the friends I’ve made can be traced right back to the work he put in.


RIP Daz. I never met you in person but I admire all you have done for the community you have created. May the guardians of your legacy remember what you stood for and pass it on to future generations of Nutz!


4 years ago, Daz added me as a mod for Nutz FB. We had never met, only exchanged the odd comment, but he had such faith and trust in me for the role based on contributions to the group. I remember how lovely that made me feel, most especially, because of how much I looked up to him and all he managed - So concise and calm. Fair and never derogatory. Always with the best interests of the community at heart - Daz was always very polite with a great sense of humour… He would take the time to explain things in the forum I didn’t understand. Ever patient, and ever loving of the community, he invested alot.

From the beautiful words people have shared across SM, its clear to see just how many lives have been touched by Daz, and all he brought to the community. If you didn’t know Daz, if you’re here reading this, chances are, he has touched your life in some way. Even in recent weeks, Daz was still giving, helping, rebuilding things he had no real responsibility to repair. He didn’t need to do the things he has done, but did so because he wanted to. We could all take a leaf from his book, in one way or another. A truly wonderful man.

To compliment the sincerely beautiful words Mark composed…

No one is actually gone, until the ripples they cause in the world, are gone.

Forever grateful for all that you gave and nurtured, your memory will live on :blue_heart:

Heartfelt condolences to Darren’s family, and also, his friends. His life touched us all. RIP.


Caroline has asked me to post up details of the funeral so that all that want to can attend, these are the details that have been forwarded on to myself. I know alot of us will want to give him a good send off. Please post up if you intend to go X might be a nice idea to get a convoy going in too, but we’ll work on that when we know who’s going x

“Darren will be setting off from Congleton on his final fairwell on Friday 21st September 2018. The service is going to be held at Macclesfield Crematorium (Cemetary Grounds, Prestbury Road, Macclesfield, SK10 3BU) at 10.45am for an service of Daz’s life. Dress code is to be bright and colourful no black please if possible. Daz only liked flowers in the garden so wouldn’t of wished for any at his funeral, therefore if you wish to make an donation please do so to Ambionics. Their website is www.ambionics.co.uk where you can donate online. As you all know Daz’s helped Ben at Ambionics greatly as he knew it was a valuable cause to be involved with.”


I will be at the service to say goodbye.


Is it just yourself @Yetidragon? What time were your setting off?


We are planning leaving time at the moment. As far as I know it’s Me, @Emily and @painterdave going from this side of town. There is no MX5 procession to the cremetorium, so gathering at the cremetorium in plenty of time for the service. @Miles is meeting at crem too.
Emily is just messaging @Barefoot to find out his plans.


I fear I will have to be there in spirit only. Was determined to make this, but events have conspired somewhat.


Awww matey, sorry to hear that :frowning:


No worries. See you there then.


I’ll be there


See you both in the morning.


From what I hear. Daz was a great man. If not for his input into the mx5 community then perhaps non of us would have met and there wouldn’t be punks like we know it today. In all walks of life we are blessed with inspiring people. I never met him but knew of him.
And it seems that His inspiration has been passed on to our fearless leader and with that, the memory of Daz lives on.

Rest in peace


Sending all my love today, gutted to miss his send off