'Creator of a Badge' badge


Name - The Creator of a Badge Badge

Criteria - Awarded to anyone that has put forward a badge suggestion and had it voted ‘in’ and therefore accepted by the community.
Could possibly follow the gold, silver and bronze system for multipe accepted suggestions like a few of the existing badges already do!

Aims - To encourage members to put forward there ideas and to help the new badge system grow, but to also shape it into a system that everyone is happy with.

Punks of the Combustibles, vote now!!!

  • Yes & give Sketch a ‘Creator of the badge badge badge’!!!
  • Badge Badge? Sketchy you whack! No.

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Can we call it badge badger, rather than creator? Then the badge should be a picture of a badger.

  • Wow Stuart, you so clever!
  • Badger? Are you an idiot? Shut up Stuart! Gimp.

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Think this one is a dead cert… added it to the coming soon pile :smiley: and yep… gonna be “badger badger


First one of the community suggested badge made :smiley: kinda fitting that its this one :smiley: Badger Badger


Lmao love it :joy::heart_eyes: @stuartb !!