Coventry Motofest 2018


LFE to Tesco Cross Point is 20 minutes.

So if we meet @ Tesco Cross Point for 7:15AM and aim to meet the others and Leave @ 7:30AM-7:40AM

That gives us 20miuntes to do the 15 minutes journey into town. :grin:


Sounds good to me! Will aim to be at tesco 7.25 :slight_smile:


@Yetidragon @Lokki see you at 6 at Trowell services quick pee and get going!!


Tickets printed, @saradowley will have a couple of spares with her.


Can someone printapass out for me I don’t own a printer and it’s too late to use works!! :rage::rage::rage::rage:


wont be able to make this now, sorry


first it was one thing then another then loads now its just not doable for us, sorry guys


I’ve got my ticket printed now and a few spares if anyone needs!! Shout up and I’ll sort you one!


At Leicester forest east now :slight_smile: actually on time :slight_smile:


Show guide


Have a great day guys sorry I couldn’t make it!


many thanks to every one who came today and made it a great day out :slight_smile:
Hope everyone got home safe :smiley:
I’ve created a gallery on the facebook goup… please feel free to add pics in :smiley:


Had a great day! Thanks for having me!! What’s the name of the chap in the green mx5 who was getting the rolling shots on the way down there? Wouldn’t mind a peek at the pics… cheers :v:t3:


Awesome to have you with us :smile: it was @Puggilad96 with the camera :slight_smile: he was straight to work when we got back till 4am… Doubt he’s had much chance to upload them yet


Cool cool no worries! Thanks buddy!! Hope to show with you guys again sometime soon!


Pity you are already booked for Japfest, Ah well… next time :smiley: you going to JAE this year?