Coventry Motofest 2018


Between 1 and 3 spots left … depending on if @Lokki can fix a few running issues on his car today…

Next thing to sort.,… times and meeting points. All cars are to be in place for 9:30 AM , so lets aim for 8:30 to account for all the usual delays and shenanigans and the inevitable “Welsh time” modifier

I think like @Erik69 said, a services on M1 will be best for most of us, then another point close to coventry to collect the locals :smiley:

We all also need to print one of these and stick it in our windscreens…

and the donation we need to do as a club. so donate to and I’ll forward it on all as one, suggested donation is £2-£5 per car.


You sure that’s gonna be early enough m8? other car clubs are meeting just outside Coventry and arriving for 7 30am and been told to come as early as possible


We can do earlier :smiley: info that got passed to me was to be in and parked before 9:30 so I was working off that. :smiley:

Suggestions of meeting points and times?


Just been speaking with innovations (club with around 30 +spots) and they are gonna be there for 7am parked up before the other exhibitions all arrive, apparantly there was a meeting last week and they said they wanted them in early not sure if this apply to all clubs just confirming with the rep now


Thanks matey :smiley:
Didn’t know there was a meeting last week., not sure if that info went to Jaymoss or not.


Last year they were really causal about letting people in.
I arrived early and got into broad gate on the front row.

But I wasn’t part of a club stand, so maybe they’re going to do it differently this year?


@Lokki and @Jaqs are still in… So 1 spot left!


Right so after speaking to innovations it’s best to get there early this year so as annoying as it is for most we ideally need to be in and parked by 8-8 30 latest early would be better but I appreciate there some of you coming from afar, as for meeting points if you m1 guys want to organise to meet at the services then us leicester 3 and local to cov guys can join up with you so everyone else is in one place at a location in Coventry within the route 5 mins away from the event don’t know cov well so il leave the location in cov up to the organiser chief :joy: but if we try to aim to be there for 8am or earlier what you think?


thanks for finding out for us matey :smiley:

yeah, lets aim for 8 latest.

So Leicester forest east southbound services at 7:15AM? making Trowell services 6:30AM…

The meeting points and times:-

Trowell Services (just South of JNC26 - 6:00AM - Leave @ 6:15 AM
Leicester Forest East Southbound Services:- 7:00AM Leave @ 7:10AM


We’ll be meeting you in cov. I have no idea where though! Will see if Turby’s got any ideas when he’s home


No problem and yer sounds good shall meet you at Lfe services :grin: drive safe guys :red_car::red_car:


My printer no workey :frowning:️ could someone print me an extra pass please


I’ve printed 3 copies of the pass, so will have spares for a couple. @Methzed12

I was thinking we could meet you guys at the Tesco Extra just off M6 Junction 2 (CV2 2SH) - Then we can go straight down the A4600 into town.

Does anyone know where the “Entrance” to town is, as it might be difficult getting there with half the ring road closed.


Any chance you have a spare 2 passes for us? We have no printer and pips computer broke :cry:


I’ll be meeting in cov too.
It says on their website if coming from A4600 to join open section of ring road and follow signs for city centre parking


Im no longer able to make it with my mx5 as my car is in need of fixing :cry:


Could someone be a superstar and print me off a pass?! My printer is down so I canny print… thanks :v:t3:


I’m going to try and get some printed in the morning but can’t promise. Will get extras if I get it sorted


What time are you thinking of meeting?


I’m meeting up at LFE services for 7.