Coventry Motofest 2018


We have secured a stand of upto 15 cars for coventry Motofest and I now have all the details, sorry it’s a little late!

Start time - 09:30am
Date - Saturday 2nd June
Venue - Greyfriars Road / Queen Victoria Road / Corporation Street, Coventry CV1 3RY - see map below
Application Date - still need to confirm with @Yetidragon
Price - This is a free event but there is a suggested donation of £2-5 per vehicle to help cover the cost of running the event
Event finish Time - 18:00
Track Time - Not available as far as I know

Stand pass - Print and display on your windscreen!!!

Payment of donation should be made to the club via PayPal so the donation can be made to the event organisers from the club.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to make the event now so was hoping that somebody would be able to try and arrange a meeting point / convoy so everyone can arrive together and get parked up!

Any takers?? :smiley:

Each car will need a stand pass which I will send over to @Yetidragon for the time being.

Here’s the map of where we have been allocated to display, along the road starting on Greyfriars Road by Warwick Row round onto Queen Victoria Road, through to Corporation Street.

The allocation of area will start with the first vehicles to arrive, the organisers are expecting people to arrive as early as 07:30 and looking at the event map I can see why!!

I assume this will work on a first come first served basis as the event is pretty close now. Add your names below for a place on the stand.

  1. @Yetidragon
  2. @Lokki
  3. @Bear
  4. @Puggilad96
  5. @Kartik_Ralhan1
  6. @Erik69
  7. @damian deer
  8. @Methzed12
  10. @jennypea93
  11. @saradowley
  12. @turby
  13. @Jason_Bamford
  14. @Jaqs

What did you do to your car today

Would of loved to go, but won’t have a car on the road :pensive:


Awesome Jay! Unfortunately I’m at Donington for the Max5 Championship :frowning:


Ok… Confirmed I can make it… posted the event on facebook… collecting together our list of 15 cars!!! shout up quick if you want one of the spots! 4 gone in the last 10 mins


Add me to the list please - Kartik/ Mk2.5 MX5


List updated :slight_smile: nearly at the halfway mark already :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Me please (green 300zx owner)


@Methzed12 Added you matey :smiley:


Have you sorted a meeting point and time??


not yet… holding on a little to see who is coming from where. you have any suggestions matey?


Please could you add me to the list if theres space, Tom, boosted suzuki swift sport. Thanks :+1:t3:


yeah matey :smiley: added you in :smiley:


Could meet at services on M1 for Sheffield/ Nottingham people the drive to Coventry, I’m not really clued up on the Coventry area so can’t help with that bit!!!


Got 3 of us on the list coming from leicester , and I i presume most coming from either northbound /Nottingham will take m1 to Junction 21 exit then m69 route, could meet at junction 21 services just before the exit or in Coventry itself


This has filled up super fast :heart_eyes::grin:
Hearing such good things about previous events, is there anyone handy with a camera/ wants to do a write up? :slight_smile:

  1. @Yetidragon
  2. @Lokki
  3. @Bear
  4. @Puggilad96
  5. @Kartik_Ralhan1
  6. @Erik69
  7. @damian deer
  8. @Methzed12
  10. @Michellepotatoes


Yeah it is filling up fast :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: should be a great day :smiley:

Michelle messaged me, she dropping out.

So just 6 spots left guys!!! shout up quick!

  1. @Yetidragon
  2. @Lokki
  3. @Bear
  4. @Puggilad96
  5. @Kartik_Ralhan1
  6. @Erik69
  7. @damian deer
  8. @Methzed12


Could i be added to the list please. Mk3 mx5. Live like 10 mins from cov :slight_smile:


added matey :smiley:


May me and Turby take 2 places please?


Sweet :smiley: just 3 spots left :smiley: