Cosplay karaoke JAE 2017 Badge!

Suggesting a badge for cosplay karaoke at JAE

fancy dress Saturday night at JAE I propose karaoke!! Punks have an amplifier/ speaker and mic (will find a phone app for the rest!)

Suggested karaoke on the JAE organisation thread and people seem to like the idea… @Bambi_Meg suggested a badge! So. Here we are.


@Yetidragon I’ve forgotten how to poll :joy:

  • Yes
  • No

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One off badge For participating…

fnx Clare :kissing_heart:

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I’ll be in providing I’ve had enough to drink, prepare to have your ears decimated! :joy:


Anyone have any suggestions on the artwork? (7 votes already, I’d say we’re In!)

Gotta be summat simple cus of the weeding/ making into kill badges/ tiny stickers… so…

A mic would be pretty simple… already have a Spotify style badge (for adding tracks to the punks playlists) …

What do we think?


but who gets the badgerbadger badge for suggesting it? lols


Great idea for design @JDM_Clare

As long as it’s easy for you guys to make, I’m good with that one.

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It’ll need a little fettling, but should work :smiley:

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@Bambi_Meg suggested the badge! I just want to dress up get drunk and sing really badly :joy:

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