Convoy for japfest

OK all for those of us camping at japfest I will be leading the convoy as meet spots get added I will update this post:
Convoy lead - me -stay behind me
Tail gunner -Phil - don’t fall behind
Convoy lead southerners -connor
Meet spots and times (may be subject to change):
Start Telford - when I leave
A5 - charter house financial planning st19 5pr 12:10 - 12:15-collect Manchester lol
M6 toll
M6 - Corley services 12:45 - 12:55 collect rpg
Silverstone premier inn (a43) -2pm to 2:15
Camp site


I will probably meet you at the premier Inn a43 as I am from the south. But I want to convoy and get a badge for it!

A43 route was the one that was most equal for North and south for violent running members :stuck_out_tongue: but it seemed like a good location for a full meet up and parade in

Just giving this a bump. See nice to give Phil a break from leading the convoy as well


Another little bump to this is any one else interested

The RPG group will be joining you along route, ill take up the tail of the convoy if you need me to.

Positions in convoy: convoy lead:Bam -keep up don’t overtake
Tailgunner: Phil -don’t fall behind he has my express permission to ram people to speed them up


Sweet ill fit the bull bars ready :joy:

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RPG lot can either join at jct 5 or jct 4 which ever is best for the convoy

Any guys going early in the morning and not camping? / Enough people to start a convoy for that aswell?


No idea how many people will be going, the event page says 50 so bound to be more people not camping than camping. Start a topic up for a sunday convoy

Think it’s 90 or so, I know herdy is coming down from notts in the morning

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We will be there and ready. We will wait down by the petrol station so you can just pull in and drive staight out where ill take up the tail.

Not sure what I’m doing yet about camping or not camping so if I don’t camp can sort rpg Sunday convoy will know in a few days


Set another thread up to see if there’s any interest as @Pip suggested if you aren’t camping Lee or anyone else:

Convoy for Japfest (On early Sunday morning / Non-Campers)


Nice one grant

I’ll probably meet you lot at m6 Chorley services now. @pip please don’t ram the rover, gentle nudges to keep up the speed will do!


i’ll be coming up from the South with Rob and EdCase and a few others…need to work out times etc still

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Corders do you guys wanna meet us at the premier Inn??

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@corders and southern fairies :kissing_heart:… if you wanna meet at the Premier Inn a little later than 2, I think we’re all happy to wait. that goes for you too @Ali_Foote and anyone else wanting to convoy through the camping gates together… if not, theres no problem, if we get in first, youll have the benefit of directions to base :grinning: