Convoy for Japfest (On early Sunday morning / Non-Campers)

Hey guys,

Following on from the convoy thread for Japfest that’s leaving on Saturday for camping. I was wondering how many other people are driving down early Sunday morning like me?

If there’s enough people doing so, then we could possibly arrange a convoy for then as well?


whats your arrival time and route? :slight_smile:

Oh dear, I’m taking the reins am I? :neutral_face: Right ok, I’ll have a look later on after work and sort routes/times/stops out.

haha, many of us are camping the night before, its not a huge responsibility, but there are badges in it if youre game :wink:

What sort of time do we need to arrive on the morning to have enough time to get on the stand and beat traffic ideally? I can then make a route up with a few stops for people to join on along the way… Badges you say…? :sunglasses:

Non campers convoy sounds good, I’ll be coming from Leicester and be interested on times & possible meeting points.

Club entry is from 6.30am Sunday morning, general public from 9…

Hi guys. looking to meet up with the club stand members somewhere within 5 miles of the track. alot of us wont know what entrance to go in or where to find the stand. Can one of you campers come out and reel us in?
spring action day was perfect meet up before, if we could replicate that it would be awesome.
Me and my girlfriend are coming from bournemouth sunday morning, never been to silverstone before but we are hoping to reach the area about 7ish am unday morning.
Ile need to be shown where the briefing area is too and the procedure to get to the track from the stand etc etc :blush:

There’s a few of us traveling down from Sheffield on the Sunday morning. We’re meeting at Meadowhall Retail Park for 5:30 and will be setting off around 5:45, so don’t be late! :wink:

There’s a group of us meeting at junction 29a at 06:00 if you lot from meadowhall fancy meeting up with us? Going to grab a maccies breakfast and be on our way for 06:15, no later.

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I think there’s a few of us traveling down, so I doubt they will want to stop just after setting off. We’re setting off at 5:45, so by the time we get to you it should be between 6:00/6:15. Just listen out for us and jump on! :wink:

i dont reckon ile actually convoy with anyone coming up from the deep south. was thinking more of meeting up at the green man inn before we head into the circuit at a specific time, its a few minute drive from the track.

I’ll be heading down from Newark so will most likely jump across onto the M1 at Leicester I believe and then down from there.