Combustionpunks Stand at Simply Japanese - Beaulieu 29th July '18


Count us in with the Monster. Whats the plan with all going in together? Are we meeting at the entrance or somewhere else? Need to know so i can make sure we’re there in plenty of time

  1. JDM-Clare
  2. Mick Stevens
  3. Richard Cookson (No car)
  4. Mason Gaskins
  5. Matthew Lightowler
  6. Grudas
  7. Bilbo
  8. Gino
  9. Chris & Lou


Hi Claire,

Added myself, Joe and Graham to the list :+1:

  1. JDM-Clare
  2. Mick Stevens
  3. Richard Cookson (No car)
  4. Mason Gaskins
  5. Matthew Lightowler
  6. Grudas
  7. Bilbo
  8. Gino
  9. Chris & Lou
  10. Mark Dixom
  11. Joe Bryant
  12. Graham Levitt


How about meeting at the Tesco car park just east of Beaulieu at Applemore? I don’t know the area that well, but seems a good enough place to all meet before going in?,-1.4352733,15z/data=!4m8!1m2!2m1!1sbeaulieu+petrol!3m4!1s0x0:0x4527d3bfc157eff3!8m2!3d50.8632793!4d-1.4331982


Awesome! I’ve just added a couple more, too :slight_smile:

Would people prefer their “stand passes” emailed to them, or collect in convoy in on the morning?

(Your stand pass is NOT a form of entry, you still need to buy your entry ticket - £10 - from the Beaulieu website.)

@Bilbo, that looks pretty ideal to me…

@hoodedreeper, will look at a plan over the weekend, but ideally, we need to meet up together before driving through the gates together, to be then parked together :slight_smile:

I will chat with @Horney and see what Mighty5s are doing re: meeting for entry. We did email to request that our stands were together, but no reply :sweat_smile:


Add me please don’t wanna be with the plebs





:vertical_traffic_light:SUPER IMPORTANT INFO​:vertical_traffic_light:

:stop_sign:IMPERATIVE FOR STAND PASS​:stop_sign:

We will be meeting from 8am at the Tesco Superstore, 10 minutes from Beaulieu. We will be leaving to convoy over together, at 8.30am.

:vertical_traffic_light:You will need to collect your ‘Stand pass’ from me at Tesco, 'else they will not park you on stand.

:vertical_traffic_light:Leaving Tesco 8.30am, we MUST arrive at the gates together in convoy, 'else they will not park us together.

:vertical_traffic_light:tickets are £10 advance from the Beaulieu website, or £12 on the gate.

Any questions, please ask! :smile:

Hythe, Southampton SO45 5JA

Thank you for the location @Bilbo

Hope to see you there @Horney!!


Don’t thank me yet, let’s hope there’s no speed bumps at the Tesco :joy:


Are there any spaces left on the stand at all :crossed_fingers:t4:
MK1 Eunos Special II in Montego Blue


Hi! Have we spoke on Facebook? I think we have! :star_struck::+1:t3:

There are just a couple more places left guys! Shout up :slight_smile:


Added you to the list @moniquethemx5! :smiley:


Any convoys, camping buddies?


@MickX5 is camping, I’m not unfortunately… the weekend coincides with somewhat of a business trip for me in Bournemouth. So I’ll be arriving at Tesco on sunday for 8am to meet everyone!

Not sure about convoys, as people are dotted all over the country for this one.

We WILL be meeting Mighty5s at Tesco and convoying 10 minutes down the road to the gates with all their MX5s :slight_smile:


Added you in @websa!

See you at Tesco between 8 and 830 for your stand pass!


And another…

Liam Browning

That makes 19 cars… one stand pass remaining, if I haven’t missed anyone!




Hythe, Southampton SO45 5JA

  1. JDM-Clare
  2. Mick Stevens
  3. Mason Gaskins
  4. Matthew Lightowler
  5. Grudas
  6. Bilbo
  7. Gino
  8. Chris & Lou
  9. Mark Dixon
  10. Joe Bryant
  11. Graham Levitt
  12. Monkey Spanker
  13. Rob Bobby Smithson
  14. MoniquetheMX5 (Patsy)
  15. Cory Banning
  16. Seb Ware
  17. Liam Browning
  18. Jack Rawlins
  19. Martyn Jim Sign
  20. Martyn Jim Sign + CRX



We must meet at Tesco to collect a stand pass!!

We must all convoy through the gates together!!

Leaving Tesco 8.30am sharp, 10 minute drive to Beaulieu :oncoming_automobile:

Hythe, Southampton SO45 5JA


Thanks for organising today, despite the heavy rain we enjoyed it :slight_smile: