Combustionpunks Stand at Simply Japanese - Beaulieu 29th July '18



New Forest,
United Kingdom
SO42 7ZN



£10 + camping

:beginner:SIMPLY JAPANESE is exactly as it says on the tin! Join the Combustionpunks stand with your JDM vehicle!! :beginner:


:earth_africa:Located in Hampshire, this beautiful venue Hosts an attractive array of all things Japanese. for this exclusively Jap Show. :earth_americas:

There’s also an elaborate Motor Museum attached, and entry is *included in your pass. (TBC.)

:camping: It’s a single day event, camping details to come! :camping:

:moneybag:Participant tickets are £10 and will be emailed out to you from Beaulieu.:moneybag:

They are super easy to book, but should you encounter any problems, message Lead Organiser - Clare Gaffoor (JDMClare/forums)

:sunglasses: BOOK NOW!! :sunglasses:
Eager to start a list… who’s coming?

#Combustionpunks at Simply Jap

  1. @JDM_Clare
  2. @MickX5


Prepping for 2018 - Show options
Prepping for 2018 - Show options

@MickX5 @Bilbo… wanna go again? :grin::heart_eyes:


I am, I think I already joined the Mighty5s stand for this, or at least said I would haha. Will see you there though


@TEAMJapCrap represent?


Me and Lu will be coming along but sadly will be in the daily Mazda 6


That’s no bother Chris :slight_smile: would you like to park up with Punks? I’ll add you to the list if so!

Will need to give approximate numbers to the event, so if people could start adding to the list of attendees and put TICKET DONE next to it when you’ve got your ticket, that would help hugely with the organising :slight_smile:


I would say yes but it would mean a 5am start :tired_face:


I did wonder, as you’re further away than we are in Sheffield! Can we twist your arm into making a short weekend out of it? I understand work :frowning: will have some solid camping details and plans up later this evening :slight_smile:


In all honesty, we’re not camping at JAE cos we cant be bothered so doubt we will for this :frowning:

We’re in Cornwall for 10 days at the beginning of the month so cant get any more weekends off for July


Cornwall sounds an amazing break in July! Enjoy, see you guys at the show :slight_smile:


Come on guys and girls.

There are no minimum stand requirements, so we will be going anyway!

Make a long weekend of it, it truely is a beautiful show! @TEAMJapCrap @TEAMAwesome


Need to send approximate numbers to get a stand size allocated by the venue very soon.

Can we have a show of hands, who is coming to Simply Japanese on Sunday 29th July? :grin:


I’m working :frowning:
@JDM_Clare you planning on taking some flags and sun shelter? will fit in an MX5 and give you all coverage from sun / rain.

  1. JDM-Clare
  2. Mick Stevens
  3. Richard Cookson (No car)
  4. Mason Gaskins
  5. Matthew Lightowler
  6. Grudas

The list so far…

@Horney had a fab idea of asking for us to be put next to Mighty5’s and Total5’s, might be a good idea since there are only 5 cars for Punks stand atm :grimacing::joy:


Abit confused regarding ticket prices…

We’re travelling up on the morning in the Mazda 6 but we’re NOT displaying the car on a club stand.

Do we purchase ‘Participants - Standard/ On the Day’ at £12 each or a normal visitors ticket at £19.50?!

It says this on the webiste

“Participant prices are only valid if arriving in a Japanese vehicle and taking part in the event. Standard admission fee applies for all other visitors.”

Technically we’re taking part in the event but attending it?


I think “participating” means displaying :sweat_smile: so yes, it is cheaper to get there early and display on stand, than it is to gain general admission… I think that’s pretty fair lol. The displays should be cheaper… they are the attraction after all.


OK, slightly off the wall question… what’s the cut off for joining the punks stand?

Reason: I might be picking up my motor on the 28th and my journey home would mean this is less than an hour detour… so thinking a possible overnighter…

But… it is very might at the moment as it depends entirely on the DVLA being efficient and sorting out the UK registration quickly!!!


Morning Rik :grin:

I am of the understanding… as long as you arrive by 9am and convoy in with the club you’re parking with, that you can purchase ticket for display, right on the gate, at £2 more, but would need to 're read their website again to confirm :slight_smile:


Ticket purchased. Let me know camping details :smiley:


Yo yo I want in, I’m coming with my mate Gino (he’ll be in a PS13), so decided to come on stand with you guys.

  1. JDM-Clare
  2. Mick Stevens
  3. Richard Cookson (No car)
  4. Mason Gaskins
  5. Matthew Lightowler
  6. Grudas
  7. Bilbo
  8. Gino

I’ve got my ticket already, and we’ll be coming on the day rather than any camping stuff.