Combustionpunks event list 2017

A list of shows and events for 2017 to get yourself organised!!

All events will have their own topic on the forum full of more info and details… as well as facebook events. Don’t forget to invite your friends :smiley:

Will be updated as we go!

So far…

First of three Superpeaks Meets

Saturday 8th April - Spring Performance Action Day - Castle Combe

Sunday 30th April - Japfest - Silverstone

Sunday June 18th - Summer peaks Meet - TBA

Saturday 1st July - Japfest 2 - Donington Park

Thursday 17th - 20th August - RetroRides - Shelsley Walsh

Thursday 31st August - 3rd September - Japanese Auto Extravaganza - Peterborough Arena

Sunday 1st October - TRAX - Silverstone

Sunday October 15th - Autumn Superpeaks Meet - TBA

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I saw all the Facebook events. Not wanting to put my name down just yet for a lot as not sure what car I’m going to be in.

With any luck I’ll still make it to a fair few events though.

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If I can afford track time I’ll be there. :smiley:


Ooo will try and make castle combe. Would be with the valley 5 part but moved up in the world.


@Yetidragon we have loads more links to add in here tomorrow!! :muscle:


Yeah, loads to add in :smiley:

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Donington Historic? :stuck_out_tongue:

@Yetidragon… Donny Historic? :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally, as much as I enjoyed it, I wouldnt do the whole 3/4 days again. Maybe just the one day for me :slight_smile: My long weekends are reserved for RR and JAE! Id like to go on an actual holiday this year too, car shows are so much work :joy: :airplane:


Details and tickets added for Spring Performance now… Also taking Nominees for The Featured Car area of the stand…

This will also earn you some Team Points!
Read more on Teams here

And Featured Cars here!

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@Yetidragon has added the remaining 2 dates for the Superpeaks Meets…

Summer peaks Meet - June 18th

Autumn peaks Meet - October 15th

both Sunday

And of course, the First of all Three, This Sunday 26th of Feb :smile:

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New here what are the super peaks?? Just looked in my calendar I’m off???


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Hey matey.

The super peaks are a meet we have 3 times a year, there are usually convoys from midlans, Manchester, sheffield and a few other places to a venue in the peak to have a big meet… done a few write ups on the blogs with some pics and stuff… Feb last year and June last year

Yep, we pretty much meet up at a pretty venue and talk cars, look at cars, take passenger runs out in cars, then go eat some food lols :slight_smile: the convoys are a big part of it if you can find one local or organise your own… Throw in a dash cam, find an epic route and enjoy the drive with friends. Tis half the fun :slight_smile: as Yeti has said, there are Three a year, first and last are usually the coldest!!

This weekend we’ve found a sweet venue, huge car park, little shops to keep people occupied, various pubs, breakfast bars and bakeries and the Cavern for investigating :slight_smile: hope to see you there @Hugorugged, dont be shy, Yeti is the tell hairy welsh guy with a red mk2 and black prototype Wide arches (he makes em) and ill be in his Fastback mx5… If you somehow manage to miss my loud mouth, shouldnt miss the loud hair :wink:

Thanks for the reply guy’s February as working :confounded: but can make the other two and hopefully some other meets though out the summer

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Dont worry, im sure there will be another blog post with loads of photos :wink: Spring Performance is the First official show, then Japfest… Ticket sales close early march mind, see what you can book off! :smiley:

Have we got a more up to date events list on here?
I know when I’ve got the naughty children now until after JAE so just interested to see if there’s stuff happening at the same times as I’m doing my transfer runs!

EDIT:- Ignore me. Just found it on the front page of the website​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
…and no, I can’t make anything else!