Chris Baker Photography

Rather than spam the What Did You Do Today and posting multiple topics over the forum, I thought it may be easier to keep it all in one post.

I hope Admin don’t mind

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I visited Stratton Motor Company, a local dealership who specialise in Aston Martin and Lotus sales (living not far from the Lotus factory helps)

They had a particular car for sale which caught my eye. Once I received permission to come and take photos I was greeted with this.

The Ferrari Testarossa

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Aston Martin DB5…no other words needed

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Weekend Blues

Lotus Exige Sport

Seeing a Kia Stinger GT on the road round here is quite a rare site (seen a few diesels though). My dad’s old boss took delivery of his GTS a few months back so I jumped at the chance to take some photos

London 22/02/20