Categories... what are they, and what do I use them for?

So you have been mooching around the back end of your blog and noticed the categories section

(actually, you are most likely here because this happened to you and you clicked the link at the bottom of the page sending you here :smiley:

Any way… categories, handy way of splitting up your blog, and for people reading it to find posts about a certain topic…
you write a few “how to” posts, make a category and add them into it
building a project car? tag all posts to do with the build as “build” or “progress” category :smiley:
write up the shows you go to? no problem… make a shows category :smiley:

ok, so you get the idea… but how do you make a category… and how do you make a post part of a category…
It pretty easy :smiley:

Click into Categories, and hit the “Add New” button

Give it a Name, sommit descriptive of its purpose is most reader friendly… you know… if you wanna be lols
Give it a Slug. This is used when creating the address the category posts live att… don’t worry too much about the complexities, sommit shaort and sweet will do.
Give it a description… errr… you know, describe what is gonna be in the category… picture is wortha thousand words yeah?

after that , you can set a featured image if you want, this will be used by the blog theme in the future , then click “add new category” button at the bottom… thats it… easy yeah?

ok… so you have got a category now… so what next… how do you assign a post you have written to a category… luckily that is easy too :smiley:

When you are making a new post, off to the right there is a section for categories… and guess what? you just add a tick into the boxes for whatever categories you want the post to be part of :smiley:

To be fair… there is that " add new category" button there too… which is super handy for creating ctegories on the fly as you write a blog post… and might have been a better way to show you about categories… but I aready wrote all this stuff before I remembered :smiley: never mind… I still gotta write the “making a post” guide so I’ll cover that button in there :smiley:

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Very informative, even I understand it!!! :joy: