Breaking Supercharged MK1 The Purple Monster


I’ve had a couple of people enquire about parts already, some have paid in full some have paid a deposit. I’ll put things in bold if there is zero interest so far, Anything with interest i’ll add a note next to it to give you an idea.

Prices are Collected from Norwich,Norfolk (especially larger items) But i can post at the buyers cost inc International

I’ll happily take a deposit to hold it for you (deposits are non refundable)

E12 NOS Number Plate £450 (SOLD)
Mazdaspeed Bumper (cracked) £120 (SOLD)
Garage Vary Bonnet £650 (SOLD)
Garage Vary Bonnet Rain Guard £60 (SOLD)
Jass Performance Stealth TSIs £100 (SOLD)
Jass Performance Flush Headlights Shells Only £280 (SOLD)
DIY Canards £20 (SOLD)
Flip Up Number Plate Bracket £35 (SOLD)
Zoom Side Repeaters £100 (SOLD)
Rev9 Door Mirrors £120 (SOLD)
Project G Window Vent £30 (SOLD)
Hard Top £400 (SOLD)
Kanspo Side Skirts £120 (SOLD)
Bootlid w/ KG Works Ducktail (cracked/corroded) £free with shell (SOLD)
Garage Vary Light Panel w/ Normal Lights £450 (SOLD)
Garage Vary LED Lights £200 (SOLD)
Rear Bumper (cut for wing stands) £free with shell (SOLD)
Garage Star Wing £425 (SOLD)
Lotus Exige Diffuser £70 (SOLD)
Zoom Fuel Lid £100 (SOLD)

Mk2.5 Dash £FREE with Retrimmed Interior
Retrimmed Interior (seats,doorcards,trans tunnel,parcel shelf) £650

Carbon Miata Aluminium Door Pulls £50 (SOLD)
Carbon Miata Alumiunum Window Winders £110 (SOLD)
Carbon Miata Carbon Door Handle Cups £50 (SOLD)
Carbon Miata Seat Belt Stoppers £30 (SOLD)
KG Works Door Handles £110 (SOLD)
Jass Performance Handbrake Handle £20 (SOLD)
Jass Performance Mk2 Electric Window Switches £50
Jass Performance Rear Hardtop Brackets £15 (SOLD)
Nielex Handbrake Cover £120 (SOLD)
Mazdaspeed Gear Shifter £70
Mazdaspeed Steering Wheel Retrimmed w/ Horn Button £250
Mazdaspeed Floor Mats Mk2 £120 (SOLD)
AWD Cluster w/ RS Refine Deep Gauge Rings £500 (SOLD)
I.L Motorsport Pedal Covers £35 (SOLD)
Billet Aluminium Wiper/Light Stalks £100 (SOLD)
D1 Quick Release Boss £35 (SOLD)

Rota RKR 15x9 ET0 (Steel Grey) 195/50 £500 (SOLD)
Work Meister S1 15x9 ET0 (White Spokes Polished Lip) 205/50 £1000 (SOLD)
HSD Dual Tech Coilovers (VGC) £400 (SOLD)
TR Lane GPD Half Cage powdercoated White £200 (SOLD)
Jass Performance Tow Hooks Front and Rear £60
Circuit Sports Coolant Tank £60 (SOLD)
Alloy Radiator £50
10mm Ignition Leads (Made by Formula Power) £20 (SOLD)
1.6 Fujitsubo Stainless Manifold £120 (SOLD)
Stainless Decat 370mm £20 (SOLD)
Stainless Centre Section £50 (SOLD)
Custom Centre Twin Backbox £200 (SOLD)
Garage Star Thermostat Sandwich Plate £30 (SOLD)

Supercharger Kit £2000

ALOT more photos will be added soon


Now uploaded 60 images of the exterior parts and both sets of wheels to my Flickr.

Click HERE

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Mazdaspeed Parts Catelog '95/96 £80 shipped within the UK

List now updated. I’m open to sensible offers on everything

These parts are available for shipping now

Carbon Miata Seat Belt Stoppers
Jass Performance NB Electric Window Switches
Mazdaspeed Gear Shifter
Mazdaspeed Steering Wheel Retrimmed w/ Horn Button

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Hm, seat belt stoppers, message me a price posted and some payment details and I’ll take them :slight_smile:

How much for the nb window switches?

£55 posted

I’ve booked Friday 7th - Monday 10th off to break the car. The people collecting parts, if you’re able to collect over those dates please let me know and i’ll make sure your parts are priority

List now updated


** Price Reductions **

Hardtop £400 (SOLD)
GENUINE Garage Vary Panel with Original Lights £400 (SOLD)
Garage Vary LED Light Units £200 (SOLD)
Mazdaspeed Carbon gear Knob £60

Still available:

Kanspo Side Skirts £120
Mazdaspeed Steering Wheel (not long retrimmed) £240 (available now)
Jass Performance Mk2 Electric Window Switches £50 (available now)
Jass Performance Rear Hard Top Brackets £15.00

NRG Slim Steering Wheel Hub £85.00 posted within the UK

Garage Star Coolant Sandwich Plate (to be able to use an aftermarket Coolant Temp gauge) £35.00 posted within the UK (SOLD)

Mazdaspeed Oil Cap in Blue £75.00 posted within the UK (SOLD)

Jass Performance Mk2 Electric Window Switches £55.00 posted within the UK

List updated