Guess we should start at the beginning?

Q, What is a blog? Why whould I want one?
A, A blog is your own spot on Punks to write about whatever you want :smiley: wanna write about your latest build? Stand on a soapbox and rant about how pants “X” cars are, shows you have been to, showcase your pics…, pretty much anything :smiley:
Why would you want to start a blog instead of a new thread on the forum? because on a blog you have more control of the content… start a build thread and your voice can become lost in all the comments… put it on a blog instead and you control the main content, but the community can still join in on the comments and the back slapping and telling you how awesome your latest build is :smiley:

Q, How do I get a blog?
A, Just drop Yetidragon a message on the forum asking for one :smiley:

Q.What techy stuff is Yetidragon going to ask me to get my blog started?
A. Very little actually… I’ll need your email address, and what you want the blog calling, the URL you want… like @JDM_Clare has choose the bit you want instead of “garagegirl”

Q. Sounds tricky… is it?
A. Nah, it is very similar to write a blog as it is posting on the forum. The blogs run on wordpress, which is a hugely popular platform for blogs, and all sorts of websites. there are apps to help you, both for the compute, and on your mobile or tablet

Q. My blog looks different to the main combustionpunks page… how come?
A. Cos they are currently running on different themes, we enlisted the help of a web developer to build the themes… unfortunately the shop didn’t work on that theme, so we used a big hammer and changed to a commercially available theme to get around that one… we have now got a new web developer who will be making us a super awesome theme to cover all the blogs.

Q. Doesn’t that mean my blog will look exactly like every one elses?
A. Nah. We are aiming that everyone will have customisation options, so all the blogs will have a similar feel and navigation, but you can customise colours and stuff to your own tastes.

Q. I’ve found out how to do something awesome with my blog… I wanna do a how to thingy… can I?
A. Hells yeah!!! post up a guide in the How to section :smiley: we will also add it to the How to 'Punk Blog.

Q. will anyone read it?
A. YES! we are going to be promoting individual awesome posts onto the main Combustionpunks website we will also be promoting blogs and their content onto the 'Punks facebook page, the facebook group… pretty much everywhere we can shout about them :smiley: you guys are doing awesome things, we want the world to know!!!

Q. How can you help promote your blog?
A. loads of ways :smiley: the simplest being share links to articles you have written to all and sundry. Add it to your forum profile, add it to your facebook profile… But we will also do custom merch for you if you want it… want a sunstrip with your blog address onit? just give us a shout :smiley: want your url on a hoodie? just ask :smiley: any ideas you have, let us know and we will see if we can sort it for you :smiley:

Q. How do I know people are reading my blog?
A. there are a few analytics built in to the blog and “jetpack” which is a wordpress plug in. it’ll show you how many views you are getting :smiley:

Q. How much does it cost you to have a blog?
A. Sweet FA

Q. you said sommit about apps to help me… what are they?
A. pretty much any app that will work for wordpress will work with your blog, we will have some guides real soon for the most popular apps from Automattic ( the guys that make wordpress) for the puter and android devices,… iOS? it should be pretty damn similar to the android apps… but I ain’t got one to make a guide from… but I’m sure one of your fellow awesome 'Punks will have one and will be kind enough to make a guide soon too :smiley:

Q. I’ve got a question that you ain’t said anyfink about!
A. yeah well, I’m only human… shout up below and we will flesh out this FAQ as we go! Guides coming soon!!!


Have just done my first How To guide for ya’ll :slight_smile:
How to Make Blog Images Larger
Real easy, hope it helps!

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