Black Stallion (new build)


After finding out insurance wanted my life to insure my other project as it was a “…92?” Had to sell it. Manage to find a 97 nd insurance was no where near as amount as my other so I decided to buy this little one.

It’s a 1997 uk spec 1.6
No power steering or windows.


Productive Sunday morning on the Black Stallion. Managed to fit my carbon slam pan, had to drill two holes which was worrying… also deleted my carbon canister thingy which tidied up the bay more. Also relocated my washer bottle to the boot, saves me like £40 from buying them kits.

Managed to mount it to my protection shield but would rather mount it in the different place (picture) would be more practical nd easier to refill. Just need some vacuum pipe to plumb it in now. Also deleted the long air box piping nd will make my own cold infeed.




I went to a cool car garage near where my misses live to ask them to make a a simple 3 hole bracket that’s like 4mm or scrap metal nd they wanted £40… so I went to work nd told the boys in the engineering nd they sorted me out with 10 minutes of work😀 I have finally got the washer bottle looking good or so… well better than being bolted where it was. I also fitted a one way valve to help with pressure nd going to be changing out the spray jets for mist jets.