Best way / place to clean up parts

ok… so we are pushing ahead with a load of projects in the Wrecktory… which basically means that we are going to have a load of parts to cleanup and re-finish. mostly subframes, suspension arms, diff housings, calipers.

What are peoples suggestions on cleanup / degreasing / finishing?

I’m split between doing it all in house, so settign up some sorta dip tank / blastin booth and out sourcing it all … what suggestions are kicking about?

If it’s for your own cars. Maybe outsourcing would be better. Then no need to buy all the kit you’ll need to do the job. 🤷

My concern is last time we outsourced some bits came back twisted up :frowning: remember the rear subfram brace and the racing beat ARB brace? :frowning:
need to find someone good to do it

Hi Matt. Guess who?!?! Dammit woman

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who the hell are you , cos you cant be Lauren!!!
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One of the best rust cleaners is by electrolysis! Or witch craft for you non scientific folk.
Get a big plastic tub with a +ve wire attached to a cage for your stuff to sit in and a -ve electrode not touching the cage. Then add water and washing soda crystals and whack about 12v through it with a battery charger. Leave for a day or two and check the results!

Do look up on you tube for guidance as it might be polarity specific and the gases that bubble off may be hazardous (flammable) so please check if your going to do it!!

I have been tempted to try that for the smaller parts :smiley: you ever tried it yourself?

Not yet as I don’t have power down my unit!! But I will in the future