Best classic beetle forum?


Can anyone advise of a good classic beetle forum? I have a 73 (i think) beetle I will be doing a load of work on and could do with a decent forum to search for and ask ask questions on, I visited the vwoc and the forum site is horrible to use so will steer clear of that if possible.

Alternativley are there beetle people on here that can potentially answer questions as they come up?

The car is in a lockup so this will be a long project doing most work by hand as there is no power for powertools.



Hi what are you looking for, tech info or style pointers? Also where in the country are you as I can put you into a great VW air cooled guy in the Nottingham area for your mechanicals and serviceing etc


Also some of the guys that use my mates services are part of the clique53 / Autofinese community of VWistas


I’m in London and the car is Hemel area.
Only mechanicals and restoration info I will be avoiding paying for work as much as possible as the whole reason I am doing it is that she was given a £7000+ quote for the work so it sat in a lockup doing nothing for a few years and would continue along that line until she decided to stop paying for the lockup, also with the engine on its side and disintergrated tyres the car isn’t even a rolling rust bucket at the moment :sweat_smile:.
Beetles are entirely new ground for me and as a solo project fully expect to hit a few bumps so will be lookig to do a lot of reading, video watching to make sure I do everything right.
Styling wise it will be restored to original condition or however my cousin had it 20 odd years ago so not too worried about that.


I had a '67 so I know a bit.

Based on my knowledge, I’d strongly suggest getting rid of it! Bloody horrid things!!!


Passenger Floor pan alone took 4 hours of work and that’s with all the toys, two post lift and loads of work space. So it can get expensive. Like @Sketchy suggested it’s probably best to off load if it’s rotten. If it was an early bug it might be worth saving.


Haha I know your feelings on bugs :joy:


It’s pure sentimental value. It’s a 1303 model 73 or 76 I think. I’ll be stripping and pricing up for my cousin to decide, also it will give me an idea on how they go together in case I want one myself as I’ve always fancied a bug, not to worry though I’m under no illusions the money that goes into will never comes back out.

Jokes aside I’ll upload some photos tonight so you can tell me just how much of a lost cause it is, I will listen but probably ignore it and go on ahead anyway bit I appreciate the advice.


:expressionless: I seem to have lost the photos


Sentimental value = very expensive!!!
I know I’m getting sentimental about my 5 after 5 years of ownership and two rebuilds after accidents !!