Badge Progress - updating


Started work on these again :smiley:

Badger Badger
JAE '16
JAE Organiser


First aider
Sleeping Beauty


How about a “gassed out” badge for the one person camping that produces the most toxic gas :joy:


@painterdave will have a car worth of them :joy:


Will have competition from chop lol


:joy: :joy: hahahaha and @Lee_Jones IIRC!!


I has done more artworks… full list here, look less and less coming soon badges :smiley:
Just need to get cracking on the descriptions on how to earn them next lols

some samples…

Camera Car
little engine that couldn’t - breakdown on track
Punk down - breakdown in convoy

-Facebook cover comp winner

Sweet Ride
Red Flag Session

reply by email


Featured car

Rolling Road Day

JDM Combe 17


How about a badge designer badge? To help the load on @Yetidragon


Some more…

Scatter rally
Donor (will have levels)
Group buy Organiser
Light weight
Landmark Photo
International rescue
Track Punk


nearly upto date now :smiley: one more evening and I can start scanning the suggestions again :smiley: