Badge Progress - updating


Unsure how many users are regularly active to vote but, I think you should work out the average number of votes per poll, then maybe judge on how many votes they get. I’ve not seen anything hit 10 yet. I guess it should be anything over 5 votes?


I guess for now, a see how it goes kinda approach… Liking the idea of 5 or above, although as more and more suggestions come in, that makes us very busy with the artwork and vinyl lol… So possibly closer to 10 votes or more? Plus, if someone really wants a badge creating, they can link to the poll to get the votes up, creating traffic at the same time :+1:


I think time limit personally. Far more scalable as the forum grows.

…knowing @Yetidragon the time limit will be ‘Dreckly’

(A local term, Google it :wink: )


…and I guess there’s no reason why folks couldn’t suggest the artwork as well! Not everyone will have the software to generate the required file types for the Boss but I guess ‘design wise’ it’s save him a bit of thinking time!
Maybe an idea to include ‘file requiremnt details’ somewhere in the section?
Also potential for a Designer badge perhaps?


(I’m on fire, I know)



…and I was promised a ‘Ban Hammer’ kill marker when this forum started!!!
:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


What about a 'Sketchy is awesome" Badge? :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I was going to suggest that but felt it a little pretentious…

…true, but pretentious!!!


We have tshirts with your face on so why not a badge too? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d put one on my car!


Give it till January & they’ll be a sketchy calander for next year :wink:


That’s actually a very cool idea… the calendars, not the making Sketchy more famous part… off to the merch suggestion topic… :smirk:


trouble with calendars is minimum orders and they tend to have a short shelf life, no one buys them after January has gone lol. We might be able to do some sort of pre-order thing and get a small number made tho.


How about a ‘No Sleep Til JapDay’ badge?


I definitely qualified for this one!


Or ‘I’ve annoyed the neighbours’ badge?


I have this a thousand times :laughing: mainly from the exhaust vibrating off each wall


Rofl omg @MonkeySpanker!! You rebel, I’m shocked! Hahaha


Im amazed i havent had somthing like this yet tbh hahah


Prepping for moar stuffs…

First Mention
One Box

Crazy In Love
Gives back
Higher Love
Out of Love
Thank you

Fire Marshal?
Support Vehicle
Homemaker Gold
Homemaker silver
Homemaker Bronze
Homebreaker silver
Homebreaker Bronze
Homebreaker Gold
Parking Attendant

Japday '16
Event - Super Peaks June '16
Event - Super Peaks Oct '16
more coming soon…