Badge Progress - updating


Do you have one for people that have marked there car with CombustionPunks? Either sticker or paint :wink:


Do we have one for helping set the stands up?


Yep, the homemaker badge :slight_smile:


I like this idea!


So we do! @Yetidragon Just hasn’t given it to me yet!


How about…

International Rescue badge - for helping out a stranded 'punk

Show stopper badge - special one offs for ‘best car on stand’ at any of the shows and events, maybe voted for by the community?

Lazy bones badge - for asking a dumb question without first seeking out the obvious & readily available answer.

Badge maker badge - for suggesting a badge that makes the grade and becomes part of the collection.

Just a couple of ideas! There’ll be more I’m sure!!!


Those are bad ass, @yetidragon can we add these to the list? Other than the Lazy Bones Badge… I don’t think there’s enough vinyl in the world for all of those :see_no_evil:


Have we got a GBO (Group Buy Organizer) badge on the list?


I need a few badges on the list, guessing they haven’t been added to the boards yet?


We’ve just moved house so little Internet access atm, phone line has been installed today, an hour ago actually, hoping to have the Internet installed and all updates done over the next couple of weeks :slight_smile:

@yetidragon, can we have a quick rundown list on what badges we’re adding?


The new release of discourse has changed the badge display page… from

to something like this…

which will provide a much better format for listing the badges in.
Forum software will hopefully get updated this weekend giving us the new view, in the mean time I will update the the OP with some extra bits, I’m guessing we need:-

Suggested:- ones that have been suggested and we are discussing.
Coming Soon:- ones that people have thought good enough to make an entry.
Rejected:- ones discussed and rejected for some reason, may be considered again in the future.


Ok… so to try and get on top of this… I’ve made a new section to the forum, complete with a test thread.
Forum section:- for people to start topics re their badge suggestions.

Each suggestion should include:-
Name / choice of names for the badges
Suggested Criteria for awarding the badge (to be included in badge description if the badge gets voted in)
Reason for the badge / behaviour you are wanting to encourage
Poll for whether it should be excepted or not

then on each thread we can discuss any aspects of the badges :smiley:
I made a rough one for the Group Buy Organiser badge suggested by stuart, I’ll get it so the OP is in his name cos I reckon sketchys idea of “badge creator” for people who suggest a badge that makes the cut should be added to the forum, and an easy way to track this is off the name on the OP of the suggestion. anyway, the thread is here…

International Rescue Badge

Well thats filled up the suggestions up slightly :smiley: get your selves over there commenting, voting and suggesting :smiley:
I have also upadted teh badge page with a “coming soon” section badges that are gonna be used, but we still gotta set critera / do artwork / figure sommit out :smiley: so that should have most stuff covered :smiley:


Have we got one for a post count? i.e. how many posts you’ve made?


Personally, I’d steer clear of that. We want worthwhile posts here not ‘a word association’ thread for example!
There are badges in place to encourage valuable posts (based on post likes, shared stuff etc…)


Yeah dont do post count cos that would only encourage me


Yeah corders would just post pointless stuff for the sake of it…


It’s a shame bagdes aren’t backdateable actually, because this ‘incident’ from around 18 years ago would surely see me with some kind of ‘Epic Fuck up’ badge…

That’s my old panel van, somewhat stuck - ‘thats nothing major’ I hear you cry!!! Yeah well, we were a couple of hundred clicks away from civilisation and just for reference, that stretch of water is called ‘East Alligator River’…


Update has been applied :smiley: new badge screen is here :smiley:
Also looks like a few more in-built badges have turned up… more artwork Joy :smiley:


What are we saying regarding the length of time the polls need to be open for on the ‘sugestions’ posts?