Badge Progress - updating


just a little update, heres a list of some of the badges we’re yet to design and assign, some of you have collected some already :smiley:
Suggestions have been awesome, keep em coming!

First aider
Breaking down in convoy
Spin on track
Breaking down on track
Light weight… Throwing up at show
Prowler… Reading but not posting (possible after midnight)
Early bird
Night owl - posting after midnight
Locked keys in car at show… AA called or car broken in to
Purple Heart / injury at show
Regional meets attended
Regional organiser
Parking attendant (display vehicles at events)
Ordered pizza
Take down gazebos / home breaker
Setup gazebos / home maker
Show organiser
Scatter Rally


Can I claim breaking down, spin, purple heart for past events?
Can provide videos and photos of all


hahaha, nope, no back dating, we’d spend years at it lol
and I don’t want the “breaking down and blocking the entry to Trax while everyone queus behind me” badge…
no matter how much you want the “pushed Yetis car and almost knocked myself out on his big Gay Wing” badge


Can I at least share my lovely spin at the rinbg, broken saxo/puma and busted knee?


'course you can :smiley: chuck them up in General Banter… every one loves a laugh at someone elses misfortune :smiley:


With do, is there a merch stand badge?

And unrelated how do I qoute…


There is a merch stand badge… I’ll get it up loaded in a bit… quoting, just highlight what you wanna quote and you get a pop up to quote, other tips here:- Using the forum.... the Wiki


Thanks yeti


To go with “ordered pizza”, will there be a “chased the pizza delivery car around like packman” badge?


does @EdCase get the pizza ordering one for his “SUSAN”?


Can I at least get the spin badge for my epic spin? It was wearing a punks tshirt at japfest 14… So kinda at a show lol. That was the last time I went to track :cry:


What about a “seeing double” badge, for anyone that has two of their vehicles (must be owned by the same person) at the same show, at the same time. Bonus for getting them parked next to each other.


Does that mean I get this badge and another special one? Everytime I come on stand with you guys or friends something goes wrong.

Japfest 1 - Keys in boot, early model with no boot pull.
Japfest 2 - Lost immobiliser fob, had to drive an hour and a half home to fetch the spare one
JAE - My car wasn’t painted on time and I had to attend in the other halves Daihatsu Cuore
Japshow Finale - Finally got car painted and SSR on, only to find out the tyre fitter had ruined my tyre meaning it wouldn’t hold pressure and was flat all day. To add insult to injury I was also pushed to the back of the stand I was on :cry:

2016 didn’t start any better…
Japfest 1 - Car had a tyre blow out, finally got my wheels back on a day before, it decided the arch and tyre wanted to meet meaning a new (£115) tyre was ruined and my car was going nowhere. I turned up with my mums Ibiza hidden in the car park and sulked! :sweat_smile:

Edited out details of how car was broken into (for obvious reasons!)
Sketchy x


What about different badges for people that buy from the store?

E.g. people who have waspworks fenders get one badge, stickers get another badge, those who have hoodies etc get another?

A badge for those who contribute towards the punks treasure chest?


Do I get a badge for this?


If you have my face on the inside I’m in the ‘Yes’ camp!!!


You mean this dude?


Ahahahahaha hahahahaaaaa!!!

How many people actually had them @Yetidragon???

I had one, but mine was on the outside…

…such a pisser that I had no idea and cut the beard off a couple of days before the show!!!
Still one of the proudest days of my life!


I’ve still got one of the original ‘sketchy’ t-shirts.


I have one with you on it :stuck_out_tongue: