Badge Progress - updating


Is the Mylo-sitting badge going to be a really small version of the full-size “dog sitting” badge?

Rather than have multiple colours for each time you camp, what about having a version of the camping badge for each major event?

E.g. JAE has a tent with a japanese flag on it; camping at a track day has tent + chequered flag; Retro Rides has a tent on a hill., RR-France has a tent with a string of onions… Japfest 2 would have a tent with a big bin.

That way, people can collect a set.

Edit: Alternatively, it might be simpler to make the camping badges triangular, and put the event image inside.

Combustionpunks Youtube channel

weve already got badges planned for the events themselves, so they’d be kinda duplicated if we did it like that, although it would be easier than keeping track! lol.


Moar stuff added in the OP, inc pics of the first few badges off the cutter :smiley:


Clare promised me a kidnapped an Asian badge! Don’t make me start kidnapping people at every event til I get it


How do we cash in on the badges we have already, those stickers are awesome, think I know where I could put them on mine.


Also you should do one for being a “night owl”, for being logged on posting after midnight.

Maybe a “prowler”, one for being on reading after midnight.

Also, “biggest light weight”, for those at show camping, who throw up first.

An award for breaking down at a track day?

Maybe one for breaking down in a convoy?

Some for helping a stranded member in either of those situations?

Best spin on track? (I have a contender at donnington japfest 14) haha!!

Japfest 14? (I have the tshirt) haha!!


I’m liking the embarrassing things theme! Rather than giving out badges you want, getting badges you don’t want!


Here’s my mk1 spin at japfest 14… (Hint badge hint)


yep, scorted deserves a huge “helping a stranded member” sticker after he helped get Bmabi back on the road!


Yes, yes and yes. How about a ‘breaking down on the way into a show and blocking everything up causing a huge modified traffic jam’ badge @Yetidragon? Can’t be many idiots that’d get that one!!!


Moar badges added to OP… @Clive_Bussey and @Miljoenen will be sooooooo happy to see that there is a puppy sitter badge…


Some great suggestions there guys :smiley: I’ll get working on them… and how we can make the badges work for real life stuff… like the helping out people in need etc.

Deffo embarrassment stickers too :smiley:


The person who helped needs to tell you so you can award the badge I think


@Yetidragon suggested it to have its own thread, sorta a recommendation/ public gratuity posts place… to maybe nominate with a story of why… sounds aweseome :smiley:


Well, my story goes like this…

…It was the first ever combustionpunks stand at Trax at Silverstone, and the entrance was down this single track road, we were all following this Yellow MX5 turbo when all of a sudden the traffic came to a halt…

How am I doing @Yetidragon?


And I took a photo he didn’t like on Facebook, and while pushing almost broke my nose/glasses of his big gay ironing board!

I like story time


all because of a couple little wires…


That would work for me. Can use likes to agree with them getting a badge :stuck_out_tongue:


I feel likes would be to biased. Kinda like Facebook. Maybe the person being helped should be the person to confirm for badge awarding?


I think the person being helped should be doing the nominating