Badge Progress - updating

Old: yes.
Wiser: no.
Bought more body armour: hell yes.


Definitely. And the injuries have to be comical.


clare did more arty stuff… updated OP with the pics, will add description soon

Been busy again today, added more to the OP, not many of the standard ones left to do, and already started a few 'Punks exclusive ones :smiley:

All current badges on system all drawn up :smiley: will start working on suggestions next :smiley:

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are there any post milestones like 100 posts, 500 posts etc… would be a good way to monitor activity/ contributing members… (also i post alot and i want more badges :grin:)

I think this can be bodged in, discourse themselves (guys that make the software) have always steered away from this as it can be seen to encourage spammy posts to reach a certain level, hense them pushing the badges for “likes” and shares etc.
Can have a crack at it tho :slight_smile: think I saw a work around for it yesterday when researching the sql to make the “year one” badge to work

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Could you do it based on ‘likes’ recieved? That way there would be a measure of useful contributions, rather than ‘me too’ posts.

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Already built in :smiley:

Grumpiest member of the meet? There’s always loads of candidates for that?


So we made some stickers for the super-peaks killmark / badge and gave them out at the meet so there are a fair few stuck on punks cars :slight_smile: and today we went and made some of the other badges in sticker form…


Stuck some of my badges down the bonnet the other night whilst camping at Blyton :slight_smile: they’re cool as!

I think after suffering through the freezing cold Thursday night, there should be a selection on badges made for camping… Maybe a basic badge for your first one, then bronze silver gold… Not sure on how to keep track mind :joy:

I also still think we need a “dog sitter badge” little Mylo comes along to lots of meets and events (obviously dogs aren’t allowed at all of them) but plenty of you guys have taken the lead and I think a pretty pink badge should do the trick :smiley: lol

We tried the CombustionPunks playlists for JAE 2015, maybe a badge for contributing to the playlist too :slight_smile: was thinking we have a lively one, chilled one and maybe we need a driving playlist for convoys and stuff too :smiley:

Is the Mylo-sitting badge going to be a really small version of the full-size “dog sitting” badge?

Rather than have multiple colours for each time you camp, what about having a version of the camping badge for each major event?

E.g. JAE has a tent with a japanese flag on it; camping at a track day has tent + chequered flag; Retro Rides has a tent on a hill., RR-France has a tent with a string of onions… Japfest 2 would have a tent with a big bin.

That way, people can collect a set.

Edit: Alternatively, it might be simpler to make the camping badges triangular, and put the event image inside.

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weve already got badges planned for the events themselves, so they’d be kinda duplicated if we did it like that, although it would be easier than keeping track! lol.

Moar stuff added in the OP, inc pics of the first few badges off the cutter :smiley:

Clare promised me a kidnapped an Asian badge! Don’t make me start kidnapping people at every event til I get it

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How do we cash in on the badges we have already, those stickers are awesome, think I know where I could put them on mine.

Also you should do one for being a “night owl”, for being logged on posting after midnight.

Maybe a “prowler”, one for being on reading after midnight.

Also, “biggest light weight”, for those at show camping, who throw up first.

An award for breaking down at a track day?

Maybe one for breaking down in a convoy?

Some for helping a stranded member in either of those situations?

Best spin on track? (I have a contender at donnington japfest 14) haha!!

Japfest 14? (I have the tshirt) haha!!


I’m liking the embarrassing things theme! Rather than giving out badges you want, getting badges you don’t want!


Here’s my mk1 spin at japfest 14… (Hint badge hint)

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