Badge Progress - updating

One of the reasons we moved from the old IPBoard forum to this shiney Discourse based one is because of the in-built badge system that allows us to make the forum a little more fun with badges awarded for doing stuff. It’s something Me, @Sketchy @Barefoot and @WOTTO have talked about a few times in passing … So now we are looking for suggestions of what badges Should be awarded for :smiley:

As a starting point I’ve just added a couple new ones…

»Introducing yourself on the Introductions thread here.
»7 consecutive days activity on the forum

Badges can also be awarded for being a member of a team, for example
»Event Organisers
»Convoy Organisers

But we could also use it for fun stuff too, I was thinking about using a couple of groups for group competitions, or to represent the car you drive or any thing really :smiley:

Anniversary, member for a 12 month
Autobiographer, completed Profile
Attended christmas meet '14
First like - you liked a post
Link badge
Quoted a user
First share
Read the guidelines
Editor - edited a post
Flag, flagged a post to admins
Events team, the guys who organise our events
Welcome - First like on one of your posts

Share - Bronze “Nice Share”
Share - Silver “Good Share”
Share - Gold “Great Share”
Previous Nice share, updated for medal colour scheme

Popular link - bronze
Hot Link - Silver
Famous Link - Gold
Breaker Breaker - Fitted a CB
Hunter Gatherer
Promoter - Bronze invite
Campaigner - Silver invite
Champion - Gold Invite
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Basic Member - Bronze
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Leader Member - Gold
Nice post - Bronze
good post - Silver
Great Post - Gold
Nice Topic - Bronze
Good Topic - Silver
Greast Topic Gold
Brave - Introduced yourself
»Chef:- for people who have cooked at events and shows
»Super Peaks Meet Feb 16.
Event - Spring Action Day 2016
Japfest 16
>Event - The Fast Show '16
Event - Doningtonhistoric16
Event - JAE '16 (attended on Punks stand)
Event - JAE '16 Organiser

Convoy Badges
Convoy Planner
Ranger Danger Gold
Ranger Danger Silver
Ranger Danger Bronze
Ranger Danger
Camera Car


Aerial Videos:-
eye in the sky - first submission
eye in the sky - nice -5 submissions
eye in the sky - good - 25 submissions
eye in the sky - great - 50 submissions

Camper Gold
Camper Silver
Camper Bronze
Homemaker Gold
Homemaker silver
Homemaker Bronze
Puppy Gold
Puppy Silver
Puppy Bronze
Puppy Sitter
Badger Badger
First aider
Sleeping Beauty

More to come, lets hear some suggestions! so ideas… GO!
Theres a list of badges here, check back for updates :smiley: Badges

Some of the real life ones…

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Can we get a badge just for being special, sure i’d qualify :joy:

Or what about admin with the most log in fails :joy:

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hahaha… yeah admin logon failure always good :smiley:

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How about a troll thread, users earn it after say 5 trolls, but it carries a sting,
5 trolls=1 day suspension
10 trolls=1 week suspension

I like the idea of Sticks as well as carrots :smiley: and it seems logical that Trolls be limited in some way.
Need to see if we can utilise the system to do sommit like this :smiley: I’ll start looking into it tonight, along with if its possible to have peer awarded / voted badges to help with some of the other idea that have been floating around like voting helpful members that have helped people out etc.

Arigato Mr Yeti san although Ninjin say ‘sticks suck balls’

Ninjin x

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What about for number of track/drift days etc.?

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ooooo good one :smiley: although to make it easier to track it might have to be 'Punks trackdays / Events

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Need more events then ;D

oh yeah :smiley: getting into that ASAP!!!

Are we having a Christmas meet badge ?

Hell yeah :smile:

But only for people taking their show car, counts you out lift grabber :wink:

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Phish, what if I just bring part of it :dizzy_face:

Hahaha ok

Well did the Christmas 2014 meet badge :smiley: 8 people picked it up IIRC

Tech day badge ??

I’m seeing a pattern in your suggestions lol…

EEEEEEEKKKKK is it Sunday yet? I want one of these tiny cute CP Peaks kill marks for the car!!

You going to make one for all of the shows this year then @Yetidragon? I like the idea of hard to get ones too, like ones you earn, so like @maisiemk1 always seems to do the shopping at JAE and I think little roles like that should be acknowledged like the Chef one! :smiley:

yeah, all shows and the earning ones :smiley: suggestions welcome :smiley: got a pile on my to-do list already :smiley: as well as making the current ones all fit same format.

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Deffo what @linkheroz said for punks track days n stuff too :smiley: I’m sure we’ll think of more :smirk: